Jung Yong Hwa composes new track for ‘Mi Rae’s Choice’ OST

Jung Yong Hwa is currently causing viewers of Monday-Tuesday drama Mi Rae’s Choice (Marry Him If You Dare) to come down with severe cases of Second Male Lead Syndrome with his role as undercover chaebol Park Se Joo, but he’s also (somehow) found time in between busy drama filming schedules and CNBLUE activities to compose a track for part 2 of the Mi Rae’s Choice OST. The track, titled “Casting Love,” (alternatively: I Cast Love) is sung by Jeon Geun Hwa of M Signal, a fellow FNC labelmate. The breezy track with its jazzy intro is quite unlike Jung Yong Hwa’s compositions for CNBLUE and underlines his versatility.

In addition, Part 2 of the OST will also include the track “I’m OK,” performed by Yuna of girl group AOA. It is described as Mi Rae’s theme song and talks about being okay no matter what obstacles she faces. I think everybody who has watched Episode 2 will agree with me that it fits her perfectly.

The second part of the OST for Mi Rae’s Choice was released at 12PM on October 21st.

From TV Report

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