More Stills Released for Mi Rae’s Choice, Including a Kiss Scene

We have yet more stills for Mi Rae’s Choice, but this time they’re of Yoon Eun Hye with Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Ah. The first set shows Lee Dong Gun’s character, Kim Shin, gently kissing Mi Rae as they sit together on a hospital bed.

Before supporters of Mi Rae and Se Joo commence table-flipping, though, I should add that it seems likely to be a flashback scene to the previous timeline before Ajumma Mi Rae’s intervention wrecked havoc in the relationships. Hope springs eternal, everyone!

The scenes with her shoulder bared suggests that she also revealed her scar to him and explained where she had received it. Fans of the drama have already begun speculating about the part the scar played in Mi Rae’s past when it was noted on several occasions in the first episode, so we might expect some interesting developments when this scene airs.

Stills have also been released showing Mi Rae and Yoo Kyung together in what promises to be a tetchy “private meeting” – both actresses received praise from the staff for their delivery of the rapid-fire dialogue in the tense confrontation scene. I love the one of Yoon Eun Hye pinching the cheeks of Lee Dong Gun’s cardboard cutout.

From JKN and Xsportsnews


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