Pictures Released from the ‘Thrice Married Woman’ Script Reading

It looks like the beleaguered production of the upcoming SBS weekend family drama Thrice Married Woman has finally gotten its act together, with photos newly released from the official script reading that took place on October 21st. The drama had previously run into a whole host of casting problems – the names of Han Ga In, Kim Sa Rang and Song Ji Hyo were all tossed around as contenders before they each “turned down” the role (although it is implied in the first two instances that the actresses were rejected by the producers and Writer Kim Soo Hyun of Childless Good Fortune, Life is Beautiful and A Thousand Days’ Promise fame), and then PD Jung Eul Young dropped the show (apparently for health reasons).

The drama is an ensemble affair about a mother and two daughters, Oh Eun Soo (Lee Ji Ah) and Oh Hyun Soo (Eom Ji Won). Oh Eun Soo’s character is described as one who has married twice (not three times?) – Song Chang Eui will play her first husband, Jung Tae Won, whom she has divorced – he is also father to a daughter played by Kim Ji Young. Ha Suk Jin will play the other leading man, Kim Joon Gu. Other stars include Jo Han Sun, Seo Young Hee, Kim Yong Rim, Kim Yong Gun, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Jung Nan and Jang Hee Jin, most of whom are familiar faces in weekend family dramas.

Thrice Married Woman is penned by star-writer Kim Soo Hyun and directed by Son Jung Hyun (Protect the Boss, All About My Romance). It will air on SBS on November 9th after Goddess of Marriage.

From Star News and Topstarnews


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