Yoona and Lee Bum Soo Confirmed for ‘The Prime Minister and I’

The hills are aliveeee with the sound of screaming… mine, that is. And those are not screams of joy.

When rumours had first surfaced that Yoona and Lee Bum Soo were in consideration for the lead roles in the upcoming KBS rom-com drama The Prime Minister and I, which is touted as the Korean version of The Sound of Music, I scoffed; where on earth did such outlandish rumours come from? Well, not so outlandish after all, it seems, since both actors have now been confirmed.

Lee Bum Soo will play the role of the 40-year-old prime minister and single father to three children, while Yoona will be the 28-year-old reporter who arrives and presumably becomes a mother to the kids. Storywise the age-gap is not too startling, although their real life age-gap of 20 years might raise a few more eyebrows. If the two actors can be convincing in the roles, however, I don’t think it will be a problem.

On the other hand, Lee Bum Soo has been a fond favourite of mine ever since Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and I had hoped that he would be able to put behind him his rather forgettable drama choices of late (IRIS II most recently and Dr. Jin before that, which… ahem). I’m uncertain whether this is exactly the way to do it, however; although Yoona is not the worst idol actress ever, she’s left me cold in all her previous roles and I shudder to think of how obvious the disparity between their acting skills will be. I do wish that they had cast Yoona’s bandmate Soo Young instead if they absolutely had to have a Girl’s Generation member in the role, since she was charming in Dating Agency: Cyrano and had surprisingly good chemistry with Lee Jong Hyuk.

Nevertheless, I won’t rule out the possibility that magical things have happened and that Yoona might be winning in this role – perhaps the promised warm romance will surprise us all. The Prime Minister and I is slated to air in December on the KBS Monday-Tuesday timeslot after its rom-com predecessor, Mi Rae’s Choice, finishes its run.

From TV Report


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