Fire Emergency in the Subway for OTPs of Mi Rae’s Choice

Ooh, what’s this? It looks like it won’t be all fun and games for our OTPs in the upcoming episodes of Mi Rae’s Choice (Marry Him If You Dare) – our main characters will find themselves in a precarious situation when they’re caught in a terrifying fire on the train. The first set of newly released stills show Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah making a desperate attempt to fight past the ticket gates despite being wrestled back by the police and station staff, while the second set has Lee Dong Gun with his arms wrapped around Yoon Eun Hye protectively as the two of them stare in apprehension at the smoke and flames that inched ever closer.

This “vigorous struggle” presumably takes place as Team 3 of Kim Shin’s Morning Show are on-location for a shoot, since we can see the pesky PD Lee Jae Soo in the mix as well.

Despite filming for many hours in smoke and flames, the tired actors were reported to have put their all into filming their scenes to perfection and made an effort to cheer up the equally tired staff by telling jokes and maintaining a light atmosphere, leaving everyone thoroughly impressed.

The scenes in question will appear in Episode 6 of Mi Rae’s Choice, which is set to air on KBS2 on Tuesday October 29th.

From Topstarnews


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