Chaebol Style: Jung Yong Hwa Sexy in Sunglasses

FNC knows what fans want, so we have newly released stills of Jung Yong Hwa in his sexy chaebol transformation in Mi Rae’s Choice (Marry Him If You Dare) – complete with sunglasses, three-piece suit and a little bit of ‘tude. I do love a man who can rock a three-piece suit. Whewww.

The “Sunglasses Removal” scene which aired in Episode 6 has reportedly become a hot topic, with netizens complimenting Jung Yong Hwa on his perfect profile and commenting that the “Se Joo [heart]ache” (세주 앓이) syndrome has just begun (Note: Here it is referring to the heartache that viewers experience, having fallen completely for Se Joo). I certainly can’t disagree; those who suffer from Second Male Lead Syndrome like me should get their handkerchiefs ready and buckle up for the next few episodes.

This was one of my favourite scenes in Episode 6; something about the suppressed tension and the strangely intimate gesture of her reaching up to slowly lift the sunglasses off his face ticked all the boxes for me.

Some musings (spoilers ahead):
Stressful and dangerous situations often reveal the best or worst of a person, and we saw Se Joo at his best in the tough environment during the subway fire in Episode 6. He was essentially in his element as a leader – calm, cool and clear-headed, his mind is capable of quickly analyzing a situation and zoning in on the best possible course of action, just as he did first with the idea of using a broadcast to minimize casualties and then with the water tanks. And in stark contrast to Miranda, who was lounging in her armchair in the office, Se Joo is not someone who merely sits behind the scenes and directs others to their tasks – he’s equally capable of taking charge and leaping to the forefront of the action. It’s small surprise that he would make such an incredible leader for YBS and Young Geon Group in the future.

Se Joo’s not without his flaws, however, but that’s exactly why Episode 6 was important also for showing us his perfect teamwork with Yoo Kyung, who had thought to bring the keys to the water tank room where he had not. She also shares his general confidence and poise, his more realistic approach to work (unlike the rather idealistic and naive Mi Rae and Shin) and despite how awkward Yoo Kyung had felt at the chaebol party, I think she is better equipped to deal with high society than Mi Rae ever would. And hey, let’s not forget that they frequent the same bar; it bodes well for future bonding experiences, LOL.

I have seen comments regarding Se Joo being “easy” because his attraction supposedly stemmed from a water-related event at Jeju and he fell for both Mi Rae and Yoo Kyung when their places were swapped in the current timeline. Shin, however, didn’t fall for Yoo Kyung just because he crashed into her car rather than Mi Rae’s, so it’s not surprising why one might conclude that Shin fell for the “person” while Se Joo fell because of the “occasion” or external factors. But I don’t think it’s quite as simple that. Rather, I would suggest that the two men merely have different romantic triggers – we all have different things that trigger our interest.

I believe what truly caught Se Joo’s eye wasn’t really the image of a beautiful girl in the water, but the depth that he saw in the girl at her most vulnerable and unguarded. Both times that he saw Mi Rae at Jeju (first at the pool, and secondly in the sea), Se Joo had actually focused upon her BACK – the lonely image of her back that she presented as she waded into the water. Like his self-directed short film in Episode 5, she had a “crying back,” and the reason he was mesmerized was because he saw her as she didn’t intend to be seen – with her pain and loneliness bared to the world (depicted literally by Mi Rae stripping off her clothes). It is a pity that we have not had flashbacks to Se Joo and Yoo Kyung’s relationship in the original timeline yet, but I suspect that she had presented a similar image; we know that she had saved up for a holiday after many years and one could imagine her going to Jeju where she’d be far enough removed from her workplace to drop her cutesy image and simply be herself. I think that this is the Yoo Kyung that Se Joo had fallen for in the original timeline – the Yoo Kyung who had laid bare the many emotional wounds that she had suffered at work in order to survive.

When we leave their physical appearances aside, Yoo Kyung and Mi Rae are remarkably similar; they are both women who had been scarred by the way they’ve been treated (particularly in their careers) and both are lonely but desperately maintains a front that “they’re okay.” And Se Joo himself is similarly lonely and suffocated in the trappings of his elevated status – his own short film is a reflection of this. So it is not in the least bit surprising that his real “trigger” for falling in love is finding a real kindred spirit; someone who would understand the feeling of being restricted by outwardly appearance and around whom he can be himself.

It now remains to be seen whether Se Joo can also see past Yoo Kyung and Mi Rae’s similarities to their differences and realize that one is a better match for him than the other. It is only in front of Yoo Kyung that he’s really been able to be himself. Se Joo had proven himself to be a discerning character so far, so I hope that he’ll realize soon enough that he’s been viewing Mi Rae through rose-tinted glasses. What he’s seeing as her charm – her innocence, her free-spirited, carefree demeanor – is in equal parts her weakness. The Mi Rae that he thinks he’s fallen for is really only a very small part of her, much idealized in his own imagination. Perhaps when/if he notices Yoo Kyung’s charm and falls for her, their relationship will be that much stronger compared to the original timeline because Se Joo’s tendency to romanticize will already have been upturned. Se Joo is far too good a man to deserve the lack of appreciation from Mi Rae, so if heartbreak will bring him to Yoo Kyung faster, then I am all for it.

From FNC FB and Topstarnews


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