Lee Dong Gun in Disguise for Mi Rae’s Choice

Some funny stills of Lee Dong Gun in character as Kim Shin for Mi Rae’s Choice (Marry Him If You Dare) has been released in which he’s seen sporting a rather eye-catching “disguise” of sunglasses and face mask. LOL, the penchant the characters of this drama have for wearing sunnies in terribly misguided attempts at disguising themselves is hilarious.

This comedic scene is set to air on Episode 7 of Mi Rae’s Choice on the coming Monday November 4th.

Spoiler warning:
This past week’s episodes have really been Shin and Mi Rae’s moment – it was their time to enjoy the spotlight and we saw their romantic relationship take giant strides forward (helped along by a dash of danger and high stakes). Mi Rae has so far proven to be a great counter for Shin’s tendency to react defensively, push people away and deny admitting his own feelings, partly because she is such an open book herself. Shin himself has grown on me rather quickly and I’ve enjoyed watching him forced to survive some harsh lessons about how to deal with interpersonal relationships and learn flexibility. Although it might be argued that Shin’s transition from the “jerk” of the early episodes to the “sweet” (if still rather gruff) Shin was too quick, I can’t complain about the character development that he’s received of late and I have high hopes that we’ll see some better interplay between Shin’s flaws and finer points when Ajumma steps up her game. Surely there’s a reason why she’s so insistent that a Shin-Mi Rae coupling must not take place other than potential financial hardships?

From Topstarnews


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