Kim Nam Gil and Han Seok Kyu Courted for Historical Drama

If the stars align, we might see Kim Nam Gil and Han Seok Kyu reunited with Kim Young Hyun, the writer behind hit dramas Queen Seon Deok and Tree with Deep Roots. The two of them are currently being courted to star in political action sageuk drama Pacheonhwang, which is touted as a prequel to Tree with Deep Roots. Of course, the reports come with the usual caveats that the actors are still considering the offer, but Han Seok Kyu’s casting looks like a very real possibility since the production staff are reportedly ensuring that there would be no conflicts with the actor’s schedule.

Pacheonwang is set in the formulative years of the Joseon dynasty and revolves around the political conflict between Yi Bang Won, son of King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon dynasty, and Jeong Do Jeon, a politician and advisor to King Taejo whose enormous influence saw him shape much of Joseon’s legal, ideological, religious and political foundations. Jeong Do Jeon was the staunchest opposition to Yi Bang Won’s bid to be appointed crown prince and the conflict eventually led to Jeong Do Jeon’s death and considerable bloodshed otherwise.

At the helm will be PD Park Hong Kyun, which will mean a reunion for him with Writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon – they worked together in 2009 on Queen Seon Deok. This director-writer team essentially signals “ratings, ratings, ratings.” The drama is planned for a 2014 air date after Empress Ki wraps up.

From TV Report


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