Jung Yong Hwa Fever: From ‘Warm & Caring Man’ to ‘Ice-cold Boss’

Not only the production team but news websites seem to be well aware of the immense popularity Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) has been enjoying amongst viewers of Mi Rae’s Choice – it’s time for our weekly double dose of newly released Se Joo stills! The latest set depicts the current hot topic of the dual sides of Se Joo: the “Warm & Caring Man” and the “Ice-cold Boss.”

More importantly, Jung Yong Hwa has received fervent praise for starting a “Jung Yong Hwa Fever” in Korea through his subtle portrayal of a complex character like Se Joo, successfully conveying a double-sided charm that is unmatched and inimitable. It is certainly impressive how effortlessly he has switched between Se Joo’s warm VJ persona and his cold and distant chaebol heir side; the two personas are curiously distinct in practice even though his real self appears to be an intricate melding of the two.

Recent articles have praised Jung Yong Hwa’s outstanding improvement as an actor, having shown that he has completely shed the image of an idol singer through his latest drama outing in Mi Rae’s Choice and no longer requires the “idol actor” label. His excellent portrayal of a man determined not to give up on the woman he loves is a far cry from his CNBLUE rocker image and underlines his thorough immersion in his character.

Also noted is Jung Yong Hwa’s charisma and refined expressions, which vividly expresses both the warm and gentle depths of the Se Joo in love with Mi Rae and the sharp eyes and cool-headedness of the Undercover Boss. The rapid changes between the confusion and hurt he experienced due to Mi Rae and his simmering rage at Kim Shin has caught attention and viewers have particularly praised the masterful acting Yong Hwa displayed in the scene where Se Joo’s cold business-minded approach reared its head during the confrontation with Yoo Kyung.

As the “Se Joo [heart]ache” Syndrome continues for many Mi Rae’s Choice viewers (me included!), anticipation for the direction Se Joo will take in the upcoming episodes is rising after his declaration that he will soon return to his role as YBS heir and put to action all that he had learnt during his undercover stint. About the only certainty is that the sleazy PD Lee Jae Soo will not have an easy time of it.

From Topstarnews & Hankooki


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