Jung Yong Hwa Restaurant Stills & SeKyung Making Videos

FNC has released gorgeous new stills of Jung Yong Hwa behind the scenes as well as in-character as Se Joo at the restaurant scene in Episode 9 of Mi Rae’s Choice, thus forestalling my inevitable table flipping at the fact that the new OST release is not sung by Yong Hwa. On the upside, it’s sung by Park Hyo Shin and his trademark husky voice is just dreamy – you can listen to it here, courtesy of La Petite.

Se Joo’s fashion has been a hot topic so far and I expect this look to create similar buzz if it hasn’t already. Yong Hwa certainly looks dashing in that pinstripe jacket (I’m trying not to ogle so hard, but it’s a challenge). Really, how Mi Rae has managed to resist this man is beyond me, but that just means more for us! Okay, more for Yoo Kyung, but potatoes, potah-toes.

More than the awesome jacket look, however, my favourite still is the one of him with script firmly grasped in hand; I swear he’s attached to his scripts by the hip, because just about every set of BTS filming pictures and videos have shown him poring over them and furiously scribbling notes. It’s lovely to see further evidence (not that we needed any, but hey) of Yong Hwa’s dedication to his craft; surely there can no longer be any doubt in the minds of his detractors that he’s interested in acting and constantly seeking to improve?

And for SeKyung shippers who have been frustrated at their lack of screen time of late, KBS has released a quick fix – BTS making videos of Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah filming their little run-in with the “door” in the Episode 6 subway emergency and (my favourite) the SeKyung bar scene in Episode 5, in which Yoo Kyung makes a less-than-elegant scramble back into her chair when she catches sight of Se Joo walking through the door.

The two of them are so much adorable fun behind the scenes, and how much do I love that Yong Hwa makes an NG because he was a gentleman and picked up Yoo Kyung’s fallen jacket instinctively? HA. Also, we see more of him hard at work over his script and his staunchest supporter (the Iced Americano) makes another cameo appearance. Hee.

From FNC FB, yongsarang & vivinnnnnnn @ Twitter


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