Chaebol Style is Back! Jung Yong Hwa Returns to YBS + BTS

The moment we’ve all been waiting for in Mi Rae’s Choice: The majestic return of the “undercover boss” Park Se Joo to his rightful place at the head of YBS! Jung Yong Hwa has been receiving a lot of attention for his portrayal of his character’s dual sides – the ice-cold boss vs. the warm & caring VJ – and viewers will finally be able to see him unmasked in tonight’s episode.

The production staff and crew had a lot of praise and admiration for Jung Yong Hwa’s imposing charisma and commented that he looked every part the elite successor as he made his return as the YBS heir, looking sharp and slick in his dark suit and tie and with hair combed neatly back. The scene required meticulous preparation and the crew was in a high state of fatigue due to the dawn shooting, but Jung Yong Hwa kept the atmosphere warm and easy by exchanging playful jokes with staff in his spare moments.

This scene will be seen in tonight’s Episode 12 of Mi Rae’s Choice on KBS.

On the topic of Yong Hwa’s well-known friendliness and mood-maker status that has kept his fellow actors and staff smiling despite the increasingly cold conditions, we have more BTS pictures from the set that show just that:

SeKyung! Please tell me we’ll finally get some SeKyung action happening starting from tonight’s episode? Lord knows we only have 5 episodes left for some romantic development to happen between the two.

From Topstarnews, NFC & DC JYH

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