Jung Yong Hwa Stunning in ARENA HOMME+

Jung Yong Hwa has been busy impressing fans and critics alike with his well-rounded performance in Mi Rae’s Choice lately, but it can’t hurt to add to that with a fashion pictorial in the December 2013 edition of Arena Homme+ that highlights his charisma and masculine charm.

News reports continue to praise the way he’s expressed his multiple talents, particularly his “actor” and “singer” sides through his different activities – drama shooting in Korea, Arena Tour in Japan – and his impressive professionalism as he remains bright, energetic and focused despite the crazy filming schedules. Even though the ratings for Mi Rae’s Choice have been far from ideal, I think it was nevertheless a great choice for him; the Park Se Joo role has really allowed him to shine and display his acting chops, not to mention that being able to work with respected veterans of the acting industry such as Go Doo Shim and Choi Myung Gil and win their approval is no small feat.

There’s a lot of anticipation as his star continues on the rise and he’ll hopefully build on this experience and use it as a springboard to even better drama roles. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the pictures!

From Daum & YBS-SJT美术Nicole谷


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