Unreleased Stills of the Mi Rae’s Choice Love Triangle

Is it just me, or has the production been a bit… stingy (or just plain lazy, ha) with the promotional stills this week? Or perhaps they’re hoping to maintain a sense of mystery for the upcoming episodes, because this will probably be the first week where we’re not offered any visual insight into what’s ahead. Ah, well.

What we do have instead are some unreleased stills featuring the love triangle, picturing Mi Rae during happier moments with Shin and Se Joo. It’s been described as the “Triple Combo” of Sweet-Bitter-Sweet, but if you ask me, it’s plain bittersweet at the moment for all involved.

These pictures of happier times are a good reminder, though. Last week’s episodes threw all four leads into the depths of heartbreak – noble idiocy, outright rejection and the painful end to one-sided love – we had it all. But throughout all that misery, the message that resounded with me was “hope.” For all our criticisms of Mi Rae’s character, she is the one who conveys this theme most convincingly through her innocent optimism; some might view it as stupidity or naivete, but there’s something ultimately winning about her ability to get back up each time life knocks her down. There’s always the light at the end of the tunnel, but one doesn’t reach it by turning back at the first obstacle – it is something that you have to fight for and win, no matter how arduous the journey.

And that is exactly how I view this current phase of Mi Rae’s Choice – what follows the winter snow? Spring. Just as the characters’ hopes and loves were dashed, so too will they be renewed and bloom once again.

Though, er, I think I could be forgiven for hoping that Se Joo’s love for Mi Rae does not bloom again, right?

Images from Topstarnews


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