Jung Yong Hwa Fans Provide Food Support for Mi Rae’s Choice Crew

It’s always heartwarming when fans go above and beyond to support stars in their acting/singing endeavours, particularly during a cold winter when filming schedules are tight and sleep deprivation is the norm.

The ever-supportive fans of the Jung Yong Hwa Fansite Union have impressed yet again by bringing warmth to the hearts (and stomachs, ha) of the Mi Rae’s Choice actors, managers, staff and crew through a generous meal truck for about 150 people, delivered to the set on November 21th. The meal included abalone and beef-ribs soup (yummm), fruits, desserts, coffee and energy drinks, and aside from the pleasure it brought to the crew, Yong Hwa was reportedly heartened by his fans’ loyal support and promised to continue giving his all through his acting. Aww.

The meal truck is a continuation of earlier Fansite Union support activities, which included deliveries of embroidered jackets and boxes of gifts and snacks for Yong Hwa and the Mi Rae’s Choice crew. And the thoughtfulness of Yong Hwa fans have not escaped notice; news reports of this latest meal truck food support have gone viral and ranked #1 on Nate real time search terms.

Hopefully the actors and production staff have been sufficiently re-energized by this latest boost, since tonight’s Episode 13 starts the countdown to the finale next week. In fact, I might need a bit of a boost myself – the idea that our weekly Se Joo fix will end on December 3rd doesn’t bear thinking. Gah!

From KBS, Topstarnews & CNBYonghwa


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