Se Joo-Mi Rae Ship Sails Again? (You’ve got to be kidding me)

Apparently this ship just won’t die, because the writer clearly didn’t hear me when I mentioned that this is the one relationship that I didn’t want to see bloom again with the spring. Arghhhh.

In tonight’s episode of Mi Rae’s Choice, Shin’s bout of noble idiocy apparently sends Mi Rae towards Se Joo yet again for Bonding Opportunity #1000, which… is becoming a bit of a tiresome cycle. In what is described to be a “new loveline” (what, is Boss Se Joo a different person from VJ Se Joo?), the “hands confession” will feature Se Joo telling Mi Rae that she is someone who is indispensible to him.

Excuse me while I go to a corner and flip a table. Or two.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this development (or should we call it a step backwards instead?). There were sighs of relief all around over here at the end of Episode 12, most audibly from La Petite and I, but this makes me wonder yet again what the writer wants to achieve with this Se Joo/Mi Rae non-relationship. It’s like Chucky – it just won’t die!

Well, perhaps we can hope that it’s just a friendly gesture from Se Joo in the face of Shin’s cold treatment of her? (Yeah, yeah, I know… let me remain in denial for a while longer.) This scene will air in Episode 13 of Mi Rae’s Choice on November 25th.

From Topstarnews


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