Yoon Eun Hye Over Flowers in Mi Rae’s Choice

It’s “Yoon Eun Hye Over Flowers” in the BTS still version of the Se Joo/Mi Rae party scene in tonight’s episode (Episode 15) of Mi Rae’s Choice; she’s apparently decided to have a little fun with the floral decorations on the table and Jung Yong Hwa joins in, snapping pictures of the “crazy girl” with the flower in her hair. How adorable.

Yoon Eun Hye’s looking gorgeous and sporting a beaming smile in these shots – something that I wish we’d see Mi Rae display more often. Looking back and forth between these and the stills of her actually in character where she looks uncomfortable and miserable, I can’t help wishing that they’d introduce a real twist (and not the “shocking surprise” that recent articles have been hinting at). How about making the BTS version the reality within the drama so that we can see a happy, mutually-loving couple, eh? Hope springs eternal, as I always say.

While we’ll find out soon what “twist” they’ll give us in the remaining two episodes, it’s a good time to acknowledge the contributions of the supporting cast. Most of the focus throughout the drama’s run has been on the four leads, but I’ve really enjoyed the performances by the supporting actors as well. Seriously, who doesn’t love Oppa? Grandma/Se Joo is probably my favourite pairing now, and for all that Ajumma annoys me, Choi Myung Gil has added a great layer of vulnerability to Ajumma that stops me just short of hating her (which would be easy to do if she was played by a lesser actress). And we can’t forget that she’s had better hair than young Mi Rae for most of the drama’s run, LOL.

From Topstarnews (1) (2)


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