Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk Courted for “May Garden”

We might be seeing Running Man’s ‘Ace’ Song Ji Hyo back in a drama soon… and with Choi Jin Hyuk as her leading man to boot! Thank you, Drama Gods. After a Mane of Glory-rocking turn as a gumiho in Gu Family Book, Choi Jin Hyuk hasn’t had much to do in The Heirs other than glowering at Lee Min Ho every week, so I’m all for him getting some leading man action. (Though he does glower very nicely.) The announcement comes with the usual caveat that the leads are considering the offer, so neither name is set in stone yet. Fingers crossed.

The upcoming tvN drama has the working title of May Garden (or May’s Garden) and is described as a romance/medical drama that tells the story of a couple who have gone through the whole process of falling in love, getting married and then divorcing. They meet again in the hectic life-or-death backdrop of a hospital emergency room and grow as individuals through the experience. I must admit my enthusiasm dipped at the “reunion of a divorced couple” part – lord knows we all need something more cheerful after Mi Rae’s Choice – but I like the leads enough to keep my fingers crossed that this will be less melo than it sounds. Besides, I could use a good medical drama after a long (long, long) string of disappointments. Perhaps tvN will work its charm again?

The script will be penned by Choi Yoon Jung, whose work includes The Empress, Lie to Me (Eek), Life Special Investigation Team and the short drama Running (which starred Baek Sung Hyun and Park Min Young). Hmm. Talk about a mixed bag.

If all goes as scheduled, May Garden will replace Answer Me 1994, which is currently enjoying high ratings.


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