Emergency Couple – Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Eeeeeek I’ve been looking forward for this drama for a while. Firstly Choi Jin Hyuk, secondly Choi Jin Hyuk in a comedy, thirdly Choi Jin Hyuk as a male lead. Did I mention Choi Jin Hyuk yet?? Anyways without further ado I present my recap of the first two episodes of Emergency Couple.


We start our drama with a scene of the future divorced couple running from some thug looking guys, our cheeky looking male lead and our scared looking female lead run straight into a church, where it turns out the priest in charge is actually Oh Chang Min’s (Choi Jin Hyuk’s) former medical teacher, the two are married on the spot much to the surprise and delight of the other church goers.

Fast forward one year later, we find both of our leads having a heated therapy sesh with the same doctor (at different times mind you) Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) has developed a tiny bald spot on her head and Chang Min seems to have trouble in the bathroom the doctor concludes that they are both suffering from stress.

When Chang Min arrives home after unsuccessfully selling pharmaceutical drugs to the hospital, plus getting groped by the crazy director of the hospital, he is not in a good mood, and his mood worsens upon finding Jin Hee sleeping on the couch and his dear fish dead in their tank. The two get into an argument and start destroying each others’ prized possessions, what starts off as a comedic (for us viewers at least) argument ends with a divorce, caused by the final piece of the puzzle. The breaking of their wedding photo, as the both of them watch their wedding photo break and fall, you can see that they finally realize that their marriage is over. The marriage that neither of them actually tried to fight for, the marriage that was disapproved by his mother since the very beginning.

Fast forward 6 years and the two meet again at their friends wedding, as luck would have it they are each friends with the respective bride and groom. Chang Min leaves the wedding in a hurry but not before insulting Jin Hee. Jin Hee on the other hand takes her friends to a bar and promptly gets drunk, she asks the bar tender for the strongest shot he has and proceeds to knock it back in one gulp upon seeing Chang Min’s face taunting her in the shot glass, the shot knocks her out unconscious and she’s rushed to hospital.

At the ER centre she proceeds to throw up on the chief doctor and then in her drunken state slaps him, she passes out cold after that. The next day is the first day of Chang Min’s internship, he complains to one of his juniors that he hopes that he doesn’t  get assigned to the ER, but be careful what you wish for Chang Min, because upon drawing the intern ballot, the team gets saddled with 3 full months in the ER. The team goes down to the ER where the Chief (Lee Pil Mo) lays down the law and tells them that they are the lowest of the low, interns are at the bottom of the food chain in the hospital.

He then proceeds to call the roll much to Chang Min’s and Jin Hee’s (who has woken up on the other side of the curtain that the interns are standing in front of and who has heard Chief Gook’s whole intern speech) surprise,  he calls Jin Hee’s name, Jin Hee is startled into shock, “Oh Jin Hee, that’s my name, I’m Oh Jin Hee” she exclaims to herself, she bursts into action and stumbles out with one shoe on and exclaims “Oh Jin Hee, I’m here, I got here before everyone else”, she then profusely apologises to the Chief and her fellow interns. Chang Min meantime is in absolute shock, Jin Hee notices his presence and the two stare at each other in shock.

Jin Hee gets called to Chief Gooks office and she realizes that her Chief resident has seen her blind drunk and comatose and she also vomited on him and slapped him, she asks him for another chance and he asks her why she wanted to become a doctor when she can’t even look after herself, she gets on her knees and tells him that she knows that she’s old and she’s slow and she completed her doctors exam in 4 years instead of 6 at some remote country college but she really would like another chance. Chief Gook is uncomfortable by all her tears and decides to give her another chance. Chang Min is tasked by his team into getting Jin Hee to quit, because if she fails the whole team fails.  While he’s telling her that she has to leave this hospital the two get messages summoning them to the ER, the team rushes into one of the operating rooms, and the only one who actually moves into action is Chang Min, one of the doctors tells the other interns that one of them has to draw the patients blood, everyone look’s a bit scared by this, Jin Hee volunteers but freezes upon drawing the blood because she doesn’t remember which vein to draw from, she finally makes a decision and sticks the needle in.

Turns out Jin Hee drew aorta blood instead of vena cava blood, Chang Min is blamed for not checking the results before bringing them up and Jin Hee is blamed for drawing the wrong blood. The next day Chang Min and Jin Hee are both left to deal with patients independently. Chang Min gets a difficult patient who demands that she only be treated with a specific drug that is only supposed to be prescribed after tests have been conducted, he agrees to prescribe her with the drug so that she doesn’t make a fuss. Jin Hee meanwhile is stuck with a patient who has trouble breathing, Chief Gook tells her to diagnose the patient and determine treatment, Jin Hee gets both correct and earns a glance of approval from Chief Gook.

The other 4 team members receive a patient who goes into cardiac arrest and the situation demands Chief Gooks attention, Jin Hee notices that her patient is still having breathing problems and the nurse notices that his blood pressure is rapidly dropping, she goes to find Chief Gook but is informed by Chang Min that he is with the heart attack patient, not knowing what to do she informs Chang Min of the situation and he follows her to the room, the two bicker over what to do and who shall be the one to perform the incision.

The patient that Chang Min was treating before walks in and starts ordering the two around, not knowing who she is or why she is even in the room they don’t follow her orders and try to kick her out, she tells Chang Min that he is an idiot for prescribing a patient with a strong drug when she only has a stomach ache and tells him to step back, with Chang Min in shock and Jin Hee turning around to grab something she quickly makes the incision and the patients breathing returns to normal just as Chief Gook and the rest of the interns rush in. Turns out she’s got past history with the Chief and she was told by the Director of the hospital to suss out the situation in the ER, she’s also been assigned to help out in the ER with external injuries.

Later that night Jin Hee and Chang Min receive a drunk patient who stabbed the police officer who brought him in and also tried to kill himself, because his girlfriend broke up with him. The patient grabs the police officers gun and the ER becomes a panic centre, Jin Hee notices that her police officer patient has lost so much blood he’s lost consciousness, she tells Chang Min who says he’ll be fine and the two draw attention to themselves with their bickering, Chang Min is held at gun point and the patient tells Chief Gook to call his ex girlfriend. Jin Hee slowly crawls over and wheels the defibrillator over, she charges it up and then shocks the gunman, Chang Min is also shocked and he falls down unconscious.

Is he dead?? Did she kill him within 2 episodes?? Will this turn into a ghost drama next? Will Chang Min’s mum be killed off?? Will everyone stop giving Jin Hee slack? Will the make up artists give Song Ji Hyo a prettier look?? Stay tuned next week.


I like the comedic element of this drama, and I love seeing my hubby Choi Jin Hyuk in a comedy. I’m not liking his mother though, although she is the stereotypical mother-in-law from hell. Right now I don’t care much for the other interns except for the younger guy, and the ER team. Hopefully we’ll get more back story of how they actually met. Oh and here’s some wet Choi Jin Hyuk for your casual entertainment

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