Cast of ‘Secret Love Affair’ Holds First Script Reading

Is anyone excited for some Yoo Ah In? It’s been a long while since he won me over in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and his subsequent drama choices have left much to be desired – The Drama Which Shall Not Be Named (Hint: It started with “Fashion” and ended with “King”) and Jang Ok Jung, which reportedly started off well and showcased his strong chemistry with Kim Tae Hee before the plot gradually transcended Earth logic – so I’m long overdue for my Yoo Ah In fix. I’m not sure a boundary-defying romance melodrama will renew my devotion to his small-screen roles, but I have my fingers and toes crossed.

The cast of upcoming JTBC drama Secret Love Affair recently held a pleasant first script reading in Seoul, with Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In nailing their respective parts. Kim Hee Ae plays Oh Hye Won, a 40-something woman who is successful in her career but leads a pretty dry life. She’ll begin a relationship with Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In), a 20-something genius pianist, which will presumably cause some problems given their age and career disparities.

The focus on the “scandalous” twenty-year age gap between the two leads and the previously reported “hot and passionate” nature of their romance will certainly set this apart from the adorably pure love story of I Need Romance 3, the other noona-dongsaeng romance that is currently airing on tvN. (Who’s watching it? Gogumaaaa. ♥) And given that this comes from the PD-writer team behind the critically acclaimed A Wife’s Credentials (PD Ahn Pan Suk and Writer Jung Sung Joo), I think we can also expect a thoughtful and realistic exploration of the consequences that come with defying social norms.

Secret Love Affair also stars Shim Hye Jin, Kim Chang Wan, Park Hyuk Kwon and Kim Hye Eun and is scheduled to follow Monday-Tuesday drama Can We Love? on JTBC in March.



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