Ghost-seeing Detective Cheo Yong is Ready to Thrill in February

I’ve had my eye on Cheo Yong (Ghost-seeing Detective Cheo Yong) since it was first announced last year, but subsequently all but forgot about it after it missed the ghost party in 2013 due to repeated delays (reportedly because more time = better end product). It seems like the drama has finally locked in an air date, however, and based on the Episode 1 preview and steady trickle of other promo material over the last few weeks, this might be just the drama for those of you who wanted more ghost-related thrills and scares than Master’s Sun or Who Are You offered (both were admittedly rather tame in that department).

Oh Ji Ho stars as the titular Yoon Cheo Yong, who was once referred to as the “ace” homicide detective and was born with the ability to see, hear and touch ghosts. After he tragically lost his family and partner during an investigation 5 years ago, Cheo Yong shut himself off and lived life quietly as a district cop, determined to ignore the ghosts he sees. All that changes when he meets the persistent school girl ghost, Han Na Young (Jeon Hyo Sung of girl group Secret), who… is an amnesiac. Heh. She doesn’t remember how she died – merely that she awoke to find herself not only in the police station, but a ghost as well. She focuses on Cheo Yong as the most likely person to help her regain her memories. Cheo Yong also has a new detective partner in Ha Sun Woo (Oh Ji Eun), a crime scene reconstruction specialist who is cool-headed and described as so “excessively enthusiastic” about her work that she tires out those around her, although this drive appears to be fading of late.

Over the last few years, OCN has carved out a niche for itself in the market by focusing on dark and gritty procedurals and crime thrillers, so anyone who has watched Vampire Prosecutor, TEN or God’s Quiz will probably know to expect something likely more graphic than one would see on the Big 3 channels. I’d have to admit to being a complete chicken where ghosts (and violence, gore, bugs, arachnids, general horror…) are concerned, but the concept is nonetheless intriguing, if not entirely original. Count me in, though I might need someone’s hand to hold. Just for the comfort of companionship, you understand.

Ghost-seeing Detective Cheo Yong will have 10 episodes and is set to air on OCN on February 9th.

Episode 1 Preview:


From OCN Official Blog


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