Group Eight to Produce Korean Version of Nodame Cantabile?

Production company Group Eight is planning another drama: a Korean adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile, which was turned into a sensational hit Japanese drama series in 2006, followed by a two-part TV special (the Special in Europe) in 2008 and two movies (The Final Score I & II) in 2009-2010. This series is very close to my heart, so I find myself alternating between excitement-induced breathlessness and a sense of dread.

The reason? Group Eight has made a name for themselves by adapting Japanese manga and Korean manhwa into dramas for Korean television in the past – you might remember them as the people behind Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss or Fantasy Couple, as well as the criminally underrated Tamra, the Island. More worrying is that they were also responsible for the underwhelming and widely panned Goong S, as well as the problem-plagued production of Birdie Buddy. Basically, we can likely expect that Group Eight will do justice to the colour and vibrance of Nodame Cantabile, but whether this will be a successful adaptation will rest heavily on whether they can cast the perfect actors as the uniquely quirky leads, Chiaki and Nodame. In a way, Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri brought so much life to the characters that it would be difficult for anyone else to shake off the lasting impression that they left. Considering the story revolves around Chiaki and Nodame’s growth in music, in character and even in love, having either of them slightly off would be… *shudders* Just as crucial is the soundtrack – this is a drama that celebrates the joy of classical music, after all.

Before we get too excited, however, the potential adaptation is still in its planning stages. They’re currently looking for a scriptwriter and the casting is described as a “work in progress.” They have not yet confirmed a broadcaster either, but aim to broadcast the series within this year. Chop chop.

From Star News


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