Taecyeon is a Charismatic Biker for Wonderful Season

Here’s our first look at Taecyeon in the upcoming KBS weekend drama Wonderful Season and my immediate thought is… Jin Gook, is that you? I am getting a severe sense of déjà vu from these stills of him on a motorbike. Really, all he needs is a haircut and then we can swap out Lee Elijah (his character’s romantic interest) for Suzy and have a Dream High reunion on our hands.

Wonderful Season is a multi-generational family drama and Taecyeon will not play the headlining role (that would be Lee Seo Jin with Kim Hee Sun as his romantic interest; their stills were released previously). Instead, his character Kang Dong Hee is the younger brother of hero Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin) and is a tough guy who cannot tolerate injustice. Guess that explains the motorbike; it’s Korean drama tough guy essential.

He’ll also have a bickering relationship that turns to romance with Lee Elijah’s school character teacher. It all sounds quite light and comedic, but coming from Lee Kyung Hee, the writer behind Nice Guy, Will it Snow for Christmas and other melo hits, we should probably expect some tears. Though judging from his crying scenes in Who Are You, perhaps we should also hope that our other leads will be doing most of the crying.

Wonderful Season will air on KBS on February 22nd, following King’s Family.

From Star News & JYPACTORS


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