Song Seung Heon Offered Lead Role in Triangle

It seems MBC is finally getting their act together after a great deal of hedging over what they should slot after Empress Ki in order to fill the gap between the aforementioned drama and Dae Jang Geum 2. After Unprecedented (which would have been a comeback for Cha Seung Won and Han Seok Kyu) lost out, the lucky taker will instead be a new drama penned by Choi Wan Kyu (of All In fame, as well as Lights and Shadows, IRIS, Swallow the Sun, etc.), currently with the working title of Triangle.

With such a high profile writer, it appears only fitting that they’ve set their eyes on an A-lister, namely Song Seung Heon. His reps have confirmed that he’s received the offer, although nothing has been decided. A flurry of casting activity by the producers have also seen Lee Mi Yeon, Im Si Wan, Lee Bum Soo and Go Ah Ra receive offers for other roles. Boy, would they have a heck of a cast if everyone confirms.

The drama tells the story of three brothers who lost their parents at a young age and were separated. They meet again years down the line to find that the oldest is now a policeman, the second brother is a gang member and the third was brought up at a wealthy home. If the casting pans out, the three brothers will be played by Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Heon and Im Si Wan, while Lee Mi Yeon will have a “sad love” with the oldest brother. Sounds like every melodrama ever, doesn’t it?

Writer Choi Wan Kyu will be reunited with PD Yoo Chul Yong, who worked with him on Swallow the Sun. Triangle is scheduled to follow Empress Ki in the Monday-Tuesday slot on MBC in May.

From OSEN, Star News


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