Cunning Single Lady Holds Script Reading

Ready for Round 2 of reunited exes? Upcoming MBC romcom Cunning Single Lady (or Sly and Single Again) recently held its first script reading, with leads Joo Sang Wook (Good Doctor, TEN) and Lee Min Jung (All About My Romance) in attendance. They will play this drama’s divorced pair, but unlike Oh Jin Hee in Emergency Couple (who’d like nothing better than to be miles apart from her ex), the heroine Na Ae Ra will be scheming to get back with her ex-husband Cha Jung Woo when she finds out that he hit it big after their divorce and is now a chaebol. Ex-hubby will be doing some scheming of his own, determined to get back at her for wanting him now that he’s rich. Cue comedic courtship, presumably aided by the fact that one half of the couple is now rolling in money. Hey, no more financial headaches, right?

Because no kdrama romcom is complete without a love triangle, the scheming ex-wife will find a rival in Geuk Yeo Jin (Kim Kyu Ri), a charismatic and capable heiress who is the hero’s business partner and (naturally) falls in love with him. Seo Kang Joon (Suspicious Housekeeper, After School Bokbulbok) plays her younger brother, Geuk Seung Hyun, with Lee Jung Gil as their father, the chairman of a venture capital firm. The hero will also have a staunch friend in of Infinite (last seen in Master’s Sun), his secretary, while on the heroine’s side we have Hwang Bo Ra as Kang Min Young, her best friend, and Kim Eung Soo as Na Ae Ra’s father.

With this sort of premise, it’ll rely heavily on execution as well Lee Min Jung’s comedic skills and (hopefully) good chemistry with Joo Sang Wook to lend charm to an heroine who is otherwise difficult to like on paper; it’s pretty hard to get away from the fact that she’s a materialistic schemer. This is a cast that I really like, though – I’ve always liked Joo Sang Wook, Kim Kyu Ri is wonderful in everything and Seo Kang Joon was adorable with Kim So Eun in After School Bokbulbok – so I have hopes that this will deliver the promised laughs and bickering romance.

From OSEN, Topstarnews


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