Wonderful Season Releases a Warm First Teaser

KBS weekend drama Wonderful Season (also known as Very Good Times or Wonderful Days) is gearing up to air on February 22nd, having recently released a surprisingly cute 40-second teaser. Producer expectations are sky high after it reportedly broke the 10,000 view mark after 3 days (not exactly viral, but still) and there has been much talk regarding the distinct Gyeongsang dialect that the cast has had to practice, since the drama is set in Gyeongju.

It’s hard to shake off the idea that a drama written by melo-queen Lee Kyung Hee (of Nice Guy fame) will be… well, dark and melo, and both leads Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun is better known for their serious roles. But first teaser certainly sells the “warm, healing drama” description that has been attached to Wonderful Season and I, for one, am certainly not complaining.

As we hear a wee kid narrate (in dialect, which definitely adds to the quirky feel), hero Kang Dong Suk has returned to his hometown after 15 years as a successful but extremely prickly prosecutor…

I love spotting the familiar supporting faces, like the always wonderful Yoon Yeo Jung (who has been winning many new fans lately through Noonas Over Flowers), Kim Sang Ho (Detective Baek of TEN!) and Kim Kwang Gyu.

KBS Entertainment Weekly also interviewed the main cast recently, which is definitely worth watching if only to see Kim Hee Sun’s sense of humour in full glory – choosing Nichkhun over Taecyeon only to be KO’d by Lee Seo Jin’s comment that Taecyeon prefers Jeon Ji Hyun. HA.

From 33:18 to 38:02 (English subtitled):

Wonderful Season will air on February 22nd after King’s Family finishes on KBS.


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