Emergency Couple – Episode 3 & 4 Recap

So did Jin Hee accidentally kill Chang Min and turn this into a ghost drama?? Has Chang Min stopped being a jerk to Jin Hee? Will there be a shirtless Choi Jin Hyuk? This recap is just in time to refresh your memories of what happened last week.


Episode 3 picks off with the team of interns and Chief Gook rushing to save Chang Min who has gone into cardiac arrest, Jin Hee is working furiously to start his heart up again and eventually performs mouth to mouth on him, Chang Min’s heart starts to breath again and the whole team let out a sigh of relief.

Jin Hee is berating herself for doing something as dangerous as using the defib to save Chang Min and putting his life at risk, Chief Gook asks her how is it that one of them is trying so hard to get the other transferred and the other tried so hard to save that person. He wonders if there is something going on between the two of them.

Back in the ER Chang Min has started to come to, he’s surprised that he’s still alive because he was sure he died, he’s also sure that he got shot as well, but Chief Gook tells him that he lost conscious because of the defib, Chang Min rises up slowly and starts to point a finger at Jin Hee who looks away. One of the nurses comes in and exclaims “Dr Oh came back to life!” and the then tells them that a new patient needs to use the room in 5 minutes, Chief Gook tells everyone to wrap it up and leave and Chang Min exclaims that he just came back to life and he’s already getting kicked out.

Jin Hee comes to check on Chang Min and he tells her that they need to talk (I don’t like how Jin Hee turns in to a timid woman when she is abused by Chang Min) he asks her why she’s suddenly popped back into his life and tried so hard to kill him. Jin Hee tells him that she was just trying to save him to which Chang Min replies that he would rather have died from a gunshot than at her hands. He tells her that just because she wears a doctors coat doesn’t meant she is a doctor, Jin Hee wonders how he is any different when they are both interns, he tells her its because they are from different classes. Jin Hee scoffs and says that he is still rude with no manners and gives him a look of disgust.

Chang Min tells Yong Gyu that he’s dying, Yong Gyu wonders why he would say that when the ahjumma (Jin Hee) tried so hard to save him, he updates Chang Min on what Jin Hee did for him and he says that in his opinion Chang Min got his breathing back because of the mouth to mouth that Jin Hee performed (Chang Min looks a bit guilty and I guess he’s feeling bad about yelling at her before).

Chang Min is getting himself a can of coffee from the hospital vending machine when he sees Jin Hee, he turns around and pops in some more coins to get another can (awwwwww look at my Chang Min starting to show some nice emotion to his ex wifey!!!!) his good intentions backfire however when Jin Hee brushes him off before he can even give her the can. Yong Gyu comes up behind Chang Min and thinking the can is for him takes it and happily skips off into the sunset.

It’s lunch time and while the other interns are at the cafeteria, Chang Min has to go to a blind date per his mothers request, she tells him that she is giving him a clean slate, he was never married and he’s never been divorced, Chang Min looks somewhat uncomfortable by having to hide his past but agrees to his mothers condition. The girl isn’t what he expected and at the end of the date she confesses that she’s not actually the ministers’ daughter, she is just here in her friends place, but she is now taken by him.

The interns are called off their break early because Chief Gook has an emergency situation he wants them to deal with. He tells them to pair off in teams of two and treat a patient within 30 minutes otherwise they die, he looks around and wonders where Chang Min is, before Yong Gyu can tell him about Chang Min’s blind date, Jin Hee covers for him by telling Chief Gook he is in the bathroom. Obviously Jin Hee is left alone while the others pair off, she sets up to do the operation alone, she calls Chang Min and tells him that he has 10 minutes to get back to the hospital otherwise she’s finishing it off herself.

Jin Hee struggles to do the operation alone and her patient dies she gets up to do the operation again and carries the dummy to Chief Gook for a retrial, his door opens as she is walking in and because of the weight of the dummy Jin Hee falls onto Chief Gook, Chang Min walks in and sees the two and does not look very pleased. Ah Reum meanwhile is talking to her friend (so she’s the ministers daughter) and her friend tells that the guy she went on the date with is Oh Chang Min.

Chang Min’s mother has moved him into an apartment nearer to the hospital, she asks him how his blind date went, cue mummy angrily stalking up to her siblings, mummy is not happy with her sisters until she hears that the ministers daughter is now a doctor (uh oh things do not look good for our lead couple, the mummy is now scheming)

Jin Hee and Chang Min get called by Chief Gook to look after a patient who has esophageal cancer, he tells the two to help transfer the patient to the ICU. While on the way there the elevator they are in stops and the patient starts coughing up blood, the two are unaware of how to help him out when they do not have the right equipment. With no other choice Jin Hee calls Chief Gook who tells her that he is on his way, he tells Chang Min that he has to perform a tracheotomy and then tells him to put him on videophone. Chang Min hands to phone to Jin Hee who in her nervousness drops the phone onto the floor. Chang Min goes to perform the operation but his hands shake, Jin Hee puts her hands on his to steady them and he gives her a look of gratitude, Jin Hee nods in encouragement.

Chang Min’s hands are still shaking and he tells her that he can’t do the operation, he walks Jin Hee through it instead. The two succeed and share a look of happiness. Chang Min gets berated by Chief Gook when the doors open, because he performed surgery as an intern, he also takes the blame for Jin Hee for dropping the phone.

When the other interns congratulate Chang Min on his success, he goes to tell them that it was Jin Hee but she stops him with a shake of her head. Chang Min later asks Jin Hee why she is making him feel uncomfortable when they both know it was her who performed the surgery. Jin Hee tells him that he was the one who figured out what to do and he was the one who walked her through it, all she did was cut. Chief Gook on the other hand is aware that it wasn’t Chang Min who performed the surgery but Jin Hee and calls her out on it, he tells her that she did a good job but next time they should follow their seniors orders.

Chang Min is walking behind some mysterious hooker looking girl who actually turns out to be Ah Reum (I lost a bit of attention during this whole exchange just cause I lol’d at Chang Min’s reaction, he’s a total guy who checks out the sexy looking chick and also he had a t-shirt on so I got distracted by CJH biceps) basically she’s here to suss out his reaction to being stood up for the blind date. His mother comes to visit him unexpectedly and presumes Ah Reum to be a prostitute she promptly kicks Ah Reum out of the house, and then realizes that she’s just damaged her own master plan when she finds out that, the doctor she is trying to set her son up with is the same girl she just called a prostitute and kicked out.

Jin Hee is on her way to see an unnamed stranger who her mother wishes she would stop seeing, she tells her mother it’s the last time and she’s just going to go and tell him that she got the internship, when she arrives she gives the man a gift and tells her this is the last time she will come and see him. Chang Min’s father seems to have forgotten their wedding anniversary when he asks his mum why she doesn’t get a divorce, she tells him that if she does she will have to give him half her fortune and a seat on the board, she tells him that she would rather be the wife of a professor than a divorcee.

Chang Min’s mother goes to see his father because one of her siblings has told her that the hospital is looking for a new senior doctor, she holds up a gift and we see that it’s the package that Jin Hee gave to the man she came to see. The two get into an argument, that is mainly just Chang Min’s mother asking a higher deity what she did to deserve this life, his father, seeing that he is all out of cigarettes just walks away.

Jin Hee and Chang Min on the way to start their shift encounter a pharmaceutical salesman, at first they tell him that they can’t help him out as they are only interns, but then both of them realize that this was Chang Min 6 years ago, he tells her that he’s come so far since then. Both of them tell the salesman they’ll try there best and Chang Min gives him a pat on the shoulder not to give up.

Turns out the reason why Chang Min’s parents have been living separately is because of his marriage 6 years ago. Tae Suk (his father) tells his wife that the two of them would have been happy if his wife hadn’t meddled in their son’s marriage, she kicks him out of the car in anger.

The interns are tasked with inserting L tubes into each other, Yong Gyu gestures at Chang Min to switch with him and that he’ll do the night shift for him. Chang Min and Jin Hee are gain paired together, he tells her to get it right on the first try, she tells him that she’ll try her best but she can’t guarantee it. She starts to insert the tube into his nose but it becomes too uncomfortable for Chang Min and he takes the tube out, Jin Hee has a fit of laughter (I’m thinking this is more Ji Hyo laughing out of character than Jin Hee and we can see Jin Hyuk’s eyes are laughing when he’s covering up his nose……hehehe these two). Ah Reum does not seem impressed by the little moment that the two are sharing.

She points out to him later that they seemed familiar with each other and look like they’ve known each other for a while, her statement makes Chang Min uncomfortable. She tells him that she is sorry that she stood him up and didn’t tell him after she found out who he was, but she wants to work at the hospital as an intern and not as the daughter of the minister, she gives him tickets to a band that she likes as an apology.

Chang Min gets reprimanded by Chief Gook for lying that he was the one who did the surgery on the cancer patient, thinking that Jin Hee was the one who told on him, he confronts her about it, when she tries to get a word in he doesn’t let her. She asks him if he knows why they got a divorce. It’s not because he cheated on her but its because of his mother, she’s the root of all of his troubles, she tells him that if he doesn’t accept that then he will trip up and fail again.

Jin Hee overhears the head ER nurse telling Chief Gook that the cancer patient from yesterday has died and the ER will most likely be blamed because its easier to blame an intern for performing incorrect surgery. Chief Gook confronts the surgeon in charge of the patient and asks him what went wrong, the surgeon tells him that they performed the surgery correctly but it failed because the patient arrived too late.He tells him that they performed their duty in the ER correctly in the situation that they had to deal with so how is it the ER’s fault?

The rest of the team find out the news about the patient and hear that the ER will get a warning as well. Chang Min looks over at Jin Hee who is in a state of shock, she walks away in a daze and he follows her. One of the nurses comes up and tells them that an OD patient will be arriving shortly, and that even though she knows they are full, insisted on this hospital, we see that the patient is Chang Min’s mother (uh oh she’s up to some scheme, I can sense it)

Chang Min follows Jin Hee to that stairwell which I have now dubbed “their spot” and sees her crying, he tells her that its not her fault, that she performed the surgery well and Chief Gook even told them so. She tells him that she was the one holding the scalpel so its her fault, Chang Min tells her that they work in a hospital, they’re going to see people die, he then tells her that since she said he did the surgery that he will take responsibility for the act, he then says that they got divorced because she can’t control her emotions, Chang Min pulls her closer (I admit I thought they were going to kiss here) and tells her to get a grip on her emotions because they work in a hospital, he repeats that he was the one responsible for the patient.

So will Chang Min’s mother finally find out that the ex couple work at the same hospital? Will one of them have to quit? Can we move on from his mother and her plotting? Can we get more hilarious couple fights with the awesome BG music? Can I actually find out every ones names?? Will I get my shirtless Jin Hyuk scene I’m craving???


I’m totally disappointed that I didn’t get to see more of Jin Hyuk abs when they cut open his shirt for the CPR scene. His mother is still really annoying with her scheme to set him up, it’s like she’s making up for the fact that she isn’t smart enough to BE a doctor by surrounding herself WITH doctors. I don’t know if Ah Reum is now trying to catch Chang Min’s attentions, or if she just feels bad that she actually works with the guy she stood up? Props to Chang Min for standing his ground though. I see Chang Min is slowly starting to show sympathy and actually get along with Jin Hee even if it is in little moments, baby steps. I’m not looking forward to his mother finding out that the work in the same hospital because I bet that she will do something to sabotage it, and poor Jin Hee will be the one who gets hurt.


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