First Still of Bodyguard Yoochun in Three Days

There’s been precious little news so far from the set of Three Days, the suspense-thriller drama that will follow You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Stars on SBS come March, so imagine my delight at finally seeing the first still of Park Yoochun (I Miss You, Rooftop Prince) in character as presidential bodyguard. (I was starting to wonder whether we’d have to expire from anticipation before they’d deign to release any promo material.)

Too bad SBS is stingy and this still is also our only Yoochun still so far, but dedicated fans have captured shots of Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo (Empire of Gold, The Chaser) during the filming of this scene. Photos of female lead Park Ha Sun (without her long locks) training for her role have also been quietly surfacing over the past few weeks.

Three Days follows the chaotic three days after President Lee Dong Hwi (Son Hyun Joo) disappears during his vacation trip to a villa, amidst the sound of three gunshots. Eep. Yoochun plays the top presidential bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, who finds himself in the unenviable position of leading the race to save the president. He’ll be aided on the search by local police officer Yoon Bo Won (Park Ha Sun). Other players include So Yi Hyun (Who Are You) as a cold and intelligent member of the presidential security service, Yoon Je Moon as the chief presidential secretary and Jang Hyun Sung (Who Are You, Vampire Prosecutor) as Yoochun’s boss and senior secret service agent.

The drama is penned by Kim Eun Hee (Sign, Ghost), so with such a promising cast to boot, there is considerable expectation building for Three Days. Personally I’m SO ready for a mystery-action thriller; they are far and few in Kdramaland, but when done well (as Two Weeks was) they can be a sight to behold. In addition, more Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo is always welcome and Park Ha Sun is so good at underlying her appearance of gentle fragility with iron, so this will be an arrangement of stars that I’m looking forward to.

We’ll find out whether our excitement is rewarded on March 5th, following You Who Came From the Stars on SBS.

From OSEN | Images cr: as tagged, @uhalf_en, @TOC12TOC15, Park Ha Sun me2day


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