Kim Hee Sun Featured in Teaser 2 of Wonderful Season

It’s raining teasers and stills for upcoming KBS weekend drama Wonderful Season! If I was surprised what a warm and nostalgic tone the first teaser took, I’m downright in love with the adorable second teaser, which features Kim Hee Sun as Cha Hae Won, a tough and delightfully unrefined debt-collector. She’s loud, abrasive and certainly not shy of confrontations, clashing often with Kang Dong Hee (Taecyeon). Heh, I’m looking forward to this portrayal already.

Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin) was her childhood oppa and first love, which makes me wonder why happened to separate the two for 15 years (he goes off to Seoul and becomes a successful prosecutor, while she evidently stays behind). Whatever the reason was, we’re certain to get some great tension and angst from them – loaded stares abound already and (cliché as it is) Dong Suk sweeping her into his arms, out of the way of Dong Hee’s motorbike at the end of the teaser… swoon.

The first set of new stills looks like the confrontation that follows Dong Suk’s hero moment and younger brother Dong Hee’s appearance on motorbike. It appears Dong Suk may not have parted on good terms with at least two people in his hometown…

The second set of stills feature Kim Hee Sun’s Cha Hae Won character, but her bruised and hurt-filled expression presents a shocking contrast to the bright Hae Won we saw in the teaser. Perhaps this is the painful “side-effects” (so to speak) of her current profession or a glimpse of the circumstances that pushed her to such lengths? I can’t imagine debt-collecting was her original dream career, back in her younger years.

Wonderful Season will premiere on February 22nd, following King’s Family on KBS.

From Topstarnews, JYPACTORS


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