CNBLUE is coming back with ‘Can’t Stop’

After impressing with their latest ventures into acting (Jung Yong Hwa in Mi Rae’s Choice and Kang Min Hyuk in Heirs) and simultaneously conquering the world, one concert at a time, for their Blue Moon World Tour in 2013, the CNBLUE boys will finally be back to the music scene with their 5th mini album, Can’t Stop.

Yesssss. Colour me excited.

And clearly so are many fans, since FNC Entertainment’s website crashed for a good while last night after the above teaser photo (‘Before Sunset in New York’, taken on Brooklyn Bridge) was released. Oops. With the teaser image comes the following dates in the lead-up to their comeback:

  • 17th February: Love is…
  • 19th February: 1st MV teaser
  • 21st February: 2nd MV teaser
  • 24th February: Full MV release

It’s still unclear what the exact date of the album release is (likely on the same date as the full MV release, however, since news sources are reporting February 24th as the official comeback date), but the title track is confirmed to be a Yong Hwa composition titled ‘Can’t Stop’. So… time to save up and get that piggybank ready to be smashed open?


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