Emergency Couple – Episode 5 & 6 Recap

I’ve been looking forward to this weeks episodes, namely because I want to see what will happen to Jin Hee and Chang Min for their actions with the tracheotomy patient who died, and how this affects their relationship, if at all.

We pick up where we left off last week which is seeing Chang Min’s mother rushed into the ER, Jin Hee is called to be the intern in charge because Chang Min can’t be reached, as his mother is wheeled in her and Jin Hee lock eyes and the shock on each of their faces is hilarious . Ah Reum also recognizes his mother much to the suspicion of Jin Hee. Meanwhile Chang Min is AWOL because he has gone to see Chief Gook (who is preparing for the emergency conference regarding the deceased patient) and tells him that he will take full responsibility for the death of the patient.

As he finishes presenting his case to the rest of the doctors, one of the professors asks him who checked that the tracheotomy was done properly, he then follows up by asking Chief Gook how his opinion on a job well done can be better than the opinion of a specialist (meaning the guy who did the patients surgery), he then asks who exactly did the surgery. You can see that Chief Gook doesn’t want to answer the question and wants nothing more than to actually punch the jerk asking the questions (I totally support this move btw, the guy pisses me off big time) with no other choice Chief Gook tells them that an intern did the surgery, while Sang Hyuk comes to get Ji Hye so that she can have a look at Sung Sook’s condition.

Ji Hye asks Jin Hee what her diagnoses is on Sung Sook’s condition, Jin Hee is hesitant to confirm a diagnoses because she is not sure which of the injuries could be causing problems, Ji Hye accepts this diagnoses and tells her to delegate the tasks. The doctors in the conference room wish to speak with the intern who performed the surgery, and Jin Hee is summoned. As she walks towards the stage a side door opens and Chang Min enters the room as well, he walks confidently towards the podium much to Chief Gooks dismay (the guy looks like he wants to kill himself) that he is the one who performed the surgery and that he will take responsibility (Chief Gook sinks lower in to his seat) the professor dude asks him if he will take responsibility by giving up his doctors coat. Chang Min tells him if that is the penalty than so be it, Jin Hee meanwhile has been standing in the walkway and upon hearing this announces to the room that it was her who did the surgery and it was her fault (Chief Gook is about to have an aneurysm I think ).

Back in his office Chief Gook surveys Chang Min and Jin Hee who are both looking a little scared. He tells them that next time they have to follow his orders no matter what anyone else says or who summons them, they are HIS interns and he gives the orders, he then pushes there heads together and leaves. Jin Hee turns to Chang Min and asks him why he did what he did before, he tells her that they are still at war and he didn’t step up for her.

While the two are arguing with each other Ah Reum comes to find Chang Min and tells him that his mother is in the hospital, he asks her who the doctor in charge was and when she says Jin Hee he turns to her and demands to know why she didn’t tell him (pretty sure her mind was occupied by that conference you both just walked in to) he rushes to the VIP room and brushes past a the chief doctors, including Chief Gook and the ER Head, who are milling about in her room and wondering who the hell this patient is to deserve such special treatment, the two share looks of surprised upon hearing their intern call the patient “mother”.

Chang Min is sitting watch over his mother and tries to call his father, who has his phone off, he gets up and walks outside. Jin Hee just misses seeing him and walks into Sung Sook’s room, she stands at the end of her bed for a moment before going to cover Sung Sook with her blanket so she isn’t cold and then turns off the lamp next to her, she goes to walk out of the room but steps on Sung Sook’s slippers, Jin Hee bends down to fix them for her. Meanwhile Chang Min has observed her doing all these things from the door, he abruptly tries to find a place to hide when he realizes she is leaving, and has to settle with standing on the sofa outside and hoping for the best. Luck however isn’t on his side and Jin Hee spots him, she tells him not to make any assumptions about what she just did, and that she is just a doctor checking up on her patient.

Jin Hee arrives home to find her room in a mess and her wedding ring gone, she concludes that it was the work of her estranged sister Jin Ae (Jeon Soo Jin). The next day she gets a call from her sister, who tells her to transfer her some money now that she is a rich doctor, she texts Jin Hee her bank details.

Chief Gook assigns Jin Hee as Sung Sook’s intern, Sung Sook predictably kicks up a fuss when she sees Jin Hee’s face and hits the food out of her hand claiming that Jin Hee is going to poison her. Long story short she finds out Jin Hee is an intern at the same hospital as her dearest Chang Min and doesn’t like it, she even looks down at Jin Hee who tells her she became a doctor to see what all the fuss is about and why doctor families are so up themselves. Chief Gook is seen holding a letter calling for Jin Hee’s dismissal in the next scene, he brings up the case to the ER director who then gets a call from an unhappy Sung Sook who requests for a change in intern.

Jin Hee is in Sung Sook’s room to give her an injection, Sung Sook tells her to leave and starts throwing stuff at her (seriously if I was Jin Hee I’d slap the crap out of her or yell at her to stop being a crazy stuck up bitch) she tells Jin Hee that she is a VIP patient and Jin Hee isn’t allowed to do anything to her. Jin Hee grabs on to her wrist to calm her down otherwise her blood pressure will go up, Sung Sook gets a bit crazy and tells her to let go, resulting in a slap to the face for Jin Hee just as Chief Gook and Chang Min walk in.

Chang Min rushes in and tries to scold his mother who pays him no attention, the two adults want to talk and the interns are sent out. Sung Sook tells Chief Gook she wants to request an intern change and that she wants Ah Reum as her intern, when Chief Gook doesn’t budge she calls her oppa and tells him to contact the director of the hospital and get her intern changed (seriously she’s like an overgrown child)

Chang Min goes to find Jin Hee who is at their stairwell, he hands her a can of coffee and tells her to put it on her face to ease the pain, she walks past him and says “nothing has changed even after I became a doctor, at least when we were married I never got slapped”, there’s not really much that Chang Min can say in reply to that and he settles for looking guiltily at the floor.

Chief Gook goes to an eating place later that night and sees Jin Hee walk in and sit at a table by herself. As Jin Hee gets more drunk she starts making drunken phone calls (bad call Jin Hee, those are the worst to make) and brags about how she is now a doctor to whoever is on the other end. Eventually after her fourth bottle of soju she collapses and a designated driver is called (Ji Hyo’s fellow Running Man castmate Gary is cast as the designated driver) and Jin Hee tells him that he looks just like Gary and then tries to flirt.

The next before her shift Jin Hee sits in the park and pulls out her resignation letter. Jin Hee arrives 37 seconds late to her shift a fact which is not ignored by Chief Gook and he tells her that maybe she shouldn’t have had that much to drink last night. Jin Hee goes to hand Chief Gook her resignation letter and as he is reading over it she notices that he isn’t wearing his shoes underneath the desk and his socks have holes in them, this gets her laughing, she tries to control her laughter however when he looks at her in confusion but cracks up again when she steals a look at his feet. Chang Min walks in with a message from one of the other residents and gives Jin Hee a confused glance. Once Chief Gook has left he turns to her and asks if she’s now using her smile to win Chief Gook’s attentions, Jin Hee tells him to move aside and leaves.

Ji Hye is taking care of a woman who got into an accident at her work place, her husband asks how much the treatment is and Ji Hye tells him that since it was an accident at work, it is covered by workers compensation. The couple leave the hospital but the woman is over come by a sharp pain to her stomach and collapses, Jin Hee sees this and rushes to help, she realizes that the couple doesn’t have money to pay for treatment and surgery and tries to help them.

Chang Min confronts Chief Gook about Jin Hee’s possible leaving, he tells him that as a chief he should do something to stop her dismissal. Chief Gook tells him that he should know better than anyone else why Jin Hee is the only one being dismissed, and walks away. Chang Min thinks back to when Ji Hye said he was lucky that he came from a doctor family, and in that moment of realization, I swear he wishes that he didn’t get any special treatment.

Jin Hee discovers that the patient (Emma) might have a CBD stone and rushes to find Chief Gook, he realizes that Emma has been hiding the stomach pains and discovers that not only does she have a CBD stone she also has a GB stone, he tells Jin Hee to prepare an operating room. Emma’s husband tells him that they don’t have enough money when Jin Hee doesn’t move to prepare a room. Emma is rushed to surgery and Ji Hye remarks that Jin Hee and Chief Gook are similar to each other because they try to do everything for the patient without considering the circumstances, he tells her to do a good job on the surgery.

Chief Gook and Jin Hee are in his office and he rips up her resignation, he tells her that she’ll only quit when he allows it. Jin Hee confesses to him that she lied to him on her first day when he asked her why she became a doctor, she tells him that she really became a doctor because she wanted to see what the fuss is about, she wanted to start again because people bullied her and stepped all over her, and she wanted to see why doctors are so high and mighty. She then tells him that she doesn’t have the right skill set to become a doctor because she became one with the wrong purpose. Chief Gook asks if she thinks that only people with good intentions can become doctors and help the sick like Jesus, he tells her that those doctors only exist in dramas.

Chang Min begs his mother to leave the hospital because there is no way his father is coming to pick her up from the hospital, but like the stubborn brat she is she refuses to leave and tells him to go and get ready for his date with Ah Reum. Jin Hee slips into Chief Gooks office to hand him a report and spots her dismissal letter, his phone rings startling her and not knowing what to do Jin Hee picks up the phone. The ER director is on the other line tells her that Sung Sook is in syncope (she’s passed out) and that he should come quickly.

Chang Min gets a call from Jin Hee who tells him about his mother, he meets Yong Gyu on the way out and tells him to go meet Ah Reum for him and rushes to his mother. Chief Gook asks for a pacemaker and tells one of the nurses to go and get Professor Ahn Pil Young (the rude dude from the seminar) everyone helps to set up the pacemaker, which doesn’t seem to work, Sung Sook goes into v-fib (ventricular fibrillation) and they prepare for CPR (the directors don’t seem to be listening to my wishes, cause Sung Sook doesn’t die). The professor comes in and asks if she was “out” (I’m assuming he meant “dead”) one of the other doctors nods, the professor tells them that if she didn’t have her ECG (electrocardiogram) on she’d be dead, he turns around and asks who put the ECG on her, after everyone denies it all eyes turn to Jin Hee.

Later on in his office Chief Gook questions why Jin Hee placed the ECG on Sung Sook, she says she was worried about cardiovascular syncope. Chief Gook tells Chang Min that he should treat Jin Hee to dinner because she lowered his mothers chance of death by 33%. Chief Gook suddenly realises that cardiovascular syncope usually happens to patients with heart problems, but none were listed for Sung Sook (turns out this is something she found out when she was married to Chang Min). Sung Sook is shocked to learn that Jin Hee saved her life and when Chang Min tells her that its because she remembered back from when they were married. Sung Sook tells him that she only had heart failure before because he married Jin Hee. Chief Gook and Jin Hee walk into her room to see how she is doing, Chief Gook basically wants Sung Sook to display some gratitude towards Jin Hee who saved her life, but obviously we all know what a brat Sung Sook is and she says that its Jin Hee’s job as her doctor to help her, Chief Gook remarks that he thought she might have changed her attitude once she woke up, he tells her that she can go home and walks out of the room.

Ah Reum is waiting for Chang Min to meet her but sees Yong Gyu instead who tells her that they can come together with Chang Min next time. Chief Gook and Ji Hye sit at the bar and order some drinks after he invites her out to dinner. Jin Hee is back at the hospital and calls up one of Jin Ae’s friends for her whereabouts. Chang Min is on his way to meet Ah Reum per his mothers command. The six all end up at the same place unbeknownst to each other. The band starts to play just at Jin Hee walks in searching for her sister, she looks around and spots Jin Ae smack bang on the stage rocking away. Jin Hee screams her name and walks up on to the stage and tries to get her to come home, our two other couples and Chang Min, who’s just walked in notice her up on stage causing the hold up. Jin Ae’s band members hold on to Jin Hee while Jin Ae flees, as Jin Hee tries to go after her she trips on a cord and we watch as everyone’s faces turn in to shock while we see Jin Hee slowly going to meet the floor.(random side note – I would have used an image with Chang Min but you can see the shock on everyone else’s faces so much better, mianhe Jin Hyuk oppa)

Will Jin Hee and Chang Min keep revealing secrets about their past life together? Will someone finally snap some sense into bratty Sung Sook (highly doubt this)? Will we actually see more of Chang Min’s father? Can we learn more about Chief Gook and Ji Hye’s past? Will Chang Min finally stand up to his mother?


I’m really annoyed with Chang Min’s mother, she’s seriously getting on my nerves and is basically just acting like an all round brat. A part of me thinks that she didn’t want Jin Hee as her intern because now that Jin Hee is a doctor she could do something bad to her as revenge for what Sung Sook did to Jin Hee. I think that the scene where Jin Hee goes to Sung Sook’s room the first night she is there, is a defining another defining moment for Chang Min, because here is his ex-wife, who has all the reason in the world to come in to his mothers room and do something damaging but instead she is fixing her blankets and her slippers.

That dream sequence that she had in episode 5 really scared the crap out of me so I couldn’t write about it. Poor Jin Hee, even in sleep Sung Sook is there to torment her and if Sung Sook thinks that Ah Reum is so perfect, she should just marry her, herself instead of pushing her son towards her. The scene where Chang Min apologises to Jin Hee on behalf of his mother, he knows that she was wrong and he knows that she can be too much, but Jin Hee shouldn’t accept an apology done on her behalf, Sung Sook should apologise to her in person and realize what a brat she is. Honestly I can’t believe how stuck up she is, Jin Hee saved her life and she doesn’t even feel an ounce of gratitude, if it was Ah Reum who saved her, she’d probably get a hospital named after her.

I think that Ji Hye was right, Chief Gook does see himself in Jin Hee, which is maybe why he has developed a slight fondness for her. She thinks outside of the box and tries to do everything she can for her patient. I think I’m actually getting a bit of second lead syndrome, his character is just so much more loveable than Chang Min’s I think? I don’t know whom to cheer for though, part of me likes his chemistry with Ji Hye because they obviously have some type of past, but I like the way he seems protective of Jin Hee as well. Chief Gook and Ji Hye’s relationship is similar to Jin Hee and Chang Min’s relationship, in a way, they know little things about each other and when I see Ji Hye teasing Chief Gook, I see Jin Hee and Chang Min in the L tube inserting scene from last week, the familiarity.


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