Emergency Couple – Episode 7 Recap

I’m so excited for this episode, namely cause there is only one episode of Emergency Couple this week, so that means I only need to do one recap . Also I’m looking forward to that scene with Chief Gook’s head on Jin Hee’s shoulder, although this makes it so much harder for me to decide whom to ship!! Jin Hee/ Chang Min or Jin Hee/ Chief Gook or Chief Gook/ Ji Hye, so many choices!!

Jin Hee is sprawled on the floor of the club after her floor, she becomes surrounded by feet and when she looks up sees all the faces of her ER team looking down at her in concern, not believing her eyes she blinks a few times and rubs her eyes (nope still there Jin Hee, you aren’t dreaming). Chang Min and Chief Gook reach for her at the same time to pull her up, Chief Gook reaches her first and Chang Min looks a bit put out.

The team ends up around one of the tables and everyone turns to stare at Jin Hee who tells them that Jin Ae borrowed money from her and she hasn’t paid her back. Chief Gook turns to Yong Gyu and Ah Reum and asks them what they’re doing at the club, Yong Gyu tells him that they came from drinks. Chang Min looks at the two curiously and asks Ji Hye and Chief Gook what they’re doing. Ji Hye tells them with a cheeky smile on her face that they’re there on a date, prompting Yong Gyu’s response of “you two are in that kind of relationship?” Ji Hye just shrugs her shoulders in reply, while Chief Gook tells him not to imagine things and that they all have a 6am shift in the morning so they shouldn’t drink too much. Before they leave Yong Gyu asks Chief Gook to take care of their bill for them, he asks him if he only sees him as his Chief in times like these but concedes to Yong Gyu’ s request, Ji Hye gives them a wave in farewell.

Jin Hee gets up to follow them as well when she’s stopped by Chang Min pulling on to her sleeve, the two share a moment of communication where Chang Min pleads with Jin Hee not to leave him alone, Ah Reum and Yong Gyu look on in suspicion. Ji Hye drops Chief Gook back at the hospital where she gives him some home cooked food, he tells her that he’s had so much hospital food that it feels home cooked. Ji Hye wonders if he would come if she called him up after she made dinner, Chief Gook asks her if he looks easy to her, she continues to tease him by asking if he wants a key to her place so he can sleep over when he’s tired.

Back with the interns Chang Min notices that Jin Hee has gotten some scratches from falling down, he proceeds to treat her scratches by tying his handkerchief around the wound. Ah Reum and Yong Gyu watch this moment in fascination, Jin Hee starts to look uncomfortable when he tries to check where it hurts, she makes a quick escape by telling him she’s going to the bathroom. On her way back she’s stopped by Chang Min who asks her if she really turned in her resignation, she tells him that she did and then apologizes for crashing his date. Jin Hee tells the other two that she’s leaving and starts getting her things, Ah Reum tells her that she’ll come with (Chang Min only has eyes for Jin Hee right now, the way he’s not even paying any attention to Ah Reum, props to Jin Hee for not paying any attention to him though). Ah Reum susses out Jin Hee and Chang Min’s relationship telling Jin Hee that they seemed very familiar with each other and that she (Jin Hee) is the only one Chang Min uses banmal with, she then tells Jin Hee that she’s interested in pursuing a relationship with Chang Min.

Jin Hee gets a call in the middle of the night from a drunk Chang Min, he thanks her for saving his mother, and that she didn’t even get to hear his mother say even that, he says that his mother isn’t good with gratitude, he then tells her that he’s sorry and hangs up. The next day Chang Min tells her that he saw her number on his phone in the but he doesn’t remember what they talked about, Jin Hee tells him that he begged her to get back together with him and that he loved her to death, but she said he was crazy and hung up on him.

Chang Min is trying to diagnose an elderly man, but is informed by Young Gi that he has difficulty hearing, Chang Min is a bit stumped on what to do after his patient keeps thinking that he’s asking him if he ate. Jin Hee steps in to rescue him by placing the stethoscope in the patients ears and speaking to him, after charming the patient he tells her that he wants to introduce her to his son, smiling he tells her he can introduce them once she gets better, Chang Min remarks to himself after she’s walked away that she seems to be doing good.

Ah Reum gets a patient who has trouble breathing, her patient suddenly goes in to cardiac arrest and the ER moves in to action and Ji Hye is called, she tells one of the nurses to get the ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) ready. As this is still an educational experience for them Jin Hee asks Ji Hye if the pipe connection for the ECMO is artery to vein or vein to vein, Ji Hye tells her that its vein to vein and then tells Jin Hee to give it a go. Jin Hee attaches the tubes correctly and gets a compliment from Ji Hye. Chang Min collapses in to his chair in the study room and Ah Reum rushes to him with a cold drink, she tells him that she got a bit jealous of Jin Hee because Ji Hye kept asking her to do things, she then asks him if he wants to date her.

Jin Hee goes in to check on Sung Sook but as she is leaving spots Sung Sooks two sisters, with no where to go she hides in the bathroom. As the sisters are talking, she discovers that the person Chang Min went on the blind date with was Ah Reum, the sisters remark that they can’t believe Jin Hee actually succeeded in becoming a doctor. One of them remarks that this might give Jin Hee and Chang Min a chance to reconcile. Jin Hee’s stomach starts to rumble and she farts, the sisters question which one of them did it, while Jin Hee in the bathroom can’t hold it any more and uses the toilet. She quickly walks out of the room with her doctors coat over her head but one of the sisters recognizes her, Jin Hee turns around and greets them and then quickly walks out of the room.

One of the residents, Kim Min Ki notices the flower pot which Yong Gyu has placed on Ah Reum’s desk, he notices a note and discovers its from Yong Gyu, the note says that if Ah Reum will give him a chance to tie the yellow ribbon around the pot. He decides to have a little fun and ties the ribbon around the pot with a cheeky smile on his face(I seriously love this character and I hope we can see more of him) he rushes away before someone sees him, but accidentally causes the note to slip under the table (ahhh I sense some misunderstanding in the future for Ah Reum and Yong Gyu, this won’t be the first time though, remember the drink he left on her table when she fell asleep? And she happened to wake up just as Chang Min was walking away?? )

Jin Hee gets a call from her mother telling her to come home quickly, turns out Jin Ae had a husband and a baby while she was gone, however she’s now AWOL and her husband Gwang Soo ( I Hear Your Voice’s Choong Ki) can’t find her so he’s come to her only family. Sung Sook is being dragged away by her sisters towards her car, because they know that there is no way her husband will come and discharge her (and can I just say holy shit at the heels that she is wearing, like OMG those heels are high as and she’s being dragged, so props to both ladies). One of them wonders where Chang Min is, turns out he’s gone to his uncle to ask him for help, he wants his uncle to use his influence so that Jin Hee doesn’t get fired.

Jin Hee gets a call from Emma’s husband and rushes out to see Emma who had overdosed on pills she took from the factory that she works at. Knowing that the couple don’t have enough money to get treated at the hospital she calls Chief Gook, she tells him that she needs his help and explains the situation, he asks her if she thinks that he is easy and wonders why he should follow her orders. Jin Hee hangs up and texts him the address, Ji Hye who is with Chief Gook wonders if he will really go, he gets up suddenly after a while and goes rushing with an emergency kit and an oxygen tank. The two successfully revive Emma and depart, Jin Hee surprises Chief Gook by giving him a hug. Chang Min is on his way home where he thinks back to what happened earlier in the day, he tries to give Jin Hee a call, however her phone has run out of battery on the bus. Chief Gook and Jin Hee are on the bus going back to the hospital, Chief Gook is fast asleep and his head rolls on to Jin Hee’s shoulder, after a moment of surprise, she lets him sleep on her shoulder and stares out the window with a small smile on her face.

Will they be discovered? What will they both do when Chief Gook wakes up? Will Jin Hee find out what Chang Min did for her? Will Sung Sook ever actually get to be loved by her husband? When will Yong Gyu find out who Ah Reum really is?


I really liked this episode because it showed us three possible pairings. We get the familiarity of Ji Hye and Chief Gook, the renewing affection of Chang Min and Jin Hee and the understanding of Chief Gook and Jin Hee. What I really liked about the scenes with Chief Gook and his two potential ladies is he asked both of them if they thought he was easy, seems they both do cause Ji Hye continued to tease him and Jin Hee got him to make a house call.

I like how Jin Hee seems to be coming into her own as a doctor, the scenes with Ji Hye and with the patient Chang Min had show how much more comfortable and happy she seems to be. You can also see how much Chang Min is starting to care for Jin Hee again, he’s not as hostile and he’s trying to help her, his mindset has changed from wanting her to quit to wanting her to stay.

I’m looking forward to the episodes to come.


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