Emergency Couple – Episode 8 & 9 Recap

Each week we see a new layer of the characters being revealed. Jin Hee’s emerging doctor skills and her strength, Chang Min’s rediscovery of his feelings for Jin Hee, Chief Gook’s and Ji Hye’s past and their feelings towards Jin Hee. I seem to jump from ship to ship each week depending on their interactions and storylines because I love these four characters together.

Chang Min is still trying to reach Jin Hee when he comes to a stop at a traffic light, his car is stopped next to a bus and lo and behold, we can see Jin Hee having her moment with Chief Gook (all hell would have broken loose if either of them had just looked outside their window). Chief Gook takes Jin Hee to a diner nearby the restaurant and the ahjumma there remarks that she’s glad Chief Gook has found a pretty lady and that they should come together more often, awkward silence and stares ensue, the two then reach for the cutlery at the same time, and more awkwardness follows.

Chang Min turns up for night duty much to the surprise and pleasure of Nurse Young Ji, who has decided she’s going to win Chang Min’s heart because she believes him to be a chaebol. Back with our awkward couple, Chief Gook notices that Jin Hee has completely finished her rice and tips the remainder of his into her bowl for her, Jin Hee finishes her bowl and lifts it up to drink up all the soup, noticing her doing this Chief Gook smiles to himself but the smile quickly drops when her face is in view again. Chang Min is out for a break when he spots Jin Hee and Chief Gook walking towards the hospital with smiles on their faces and a comfortable atmosphere around them. (uh oh I sense a jealous Chang Min making an appearance )Chief Gook and Jin Hee say their farewells and she goes home, Chang Min runs up to Chief Gook and tries to subtly suss out the situation, poor guy gets no intel at all.

He doesn’t give up though and follows Chief Gook to ask him where he went with Jin Hee, again he gets dismissed by Chief Gook who tells him to go and do his work. Jin Hee arrives home to find Kwang Soo sleeping in her room and her mother sleeping in her beauty therapy room, she wakes Kwang Soo up who tells her that her mother told him to sleep in her (Jin Hee’s) room, she then asks him if he found Jin Ae, he tells her that after the fuss Jin Hee made Jin Ae quit. While Jin Hee talks to her mum, Kwang Soo is on the phone with Jin Ae (oh so he does know where she is, and is in contact with her) turns out that they actually don’t have any more money, so while Jin Ae is making money Kwang Soo is staying with her family, the two say their “I love you’s” and hang up.

Chief Gook walks in to his office the next day to find Ji Hye still in his office, he tells her that she should have gone home in case someone came in and misunderstood their relationship. Ji Hye notices that he’s done his shirt buttons crooked and goes to undo his buttons to fix them for him (cue shy/awkward/innocent Chief Gook) before she leaves she hands him a present, which she tells him are socks, she looks down at this feet and remarks that he wore his good socks today. Sung Sook travels to see her estranged husband and after some dramatic words and knocking his papers from his desk, presents him with a divorce paper.

Chang Min spots Jin Hee on her way to start her shift and asks her why she didn’t answer his calls, he tells her that she shouldn’t worry about her dismissal notice too much. Young Ae comes up to them and tells Jin Hee that Chief Gook has summoned her. Turns out the patient she treated the other day for a stomach ache has come back and she’s in even worse pain, Ji Hye and Chief Gook get into a disagreement over how to diagnose the patient, with Chief Gook taking Jin Hee’s side and Ji Hye seen as the bad person. Afterwards the two have a conversation to clear their tension earlier and it turns out that this patient reminded Chief Gook too much of a patient that the two of them treated when they were still fresh young residents.

Kim Min Ki smugly places a roster board in front of the interns and tells them that it’s now time to chose their night shifts. The married couple wants some time apart, Ah Reum asks Chang Min if he wants to do night duty with her on weekends, Chang Min leans in to tell Jin Hee to pick her days he tells her he’s trying to avoid getting the same shifts as her when she asks him why he is pestering her (I’m pretty sure he wants to spend some time with his ex-wife and rekindle that flame). Chang Min is the first to chose his shift, Jin Hee who chooses after him picks the days he isn’t working. Yong Gyu has a moment of realization and asks the others, what happens when Jin Hee is no longer at the hospital? Doesn’t that mean they have to take on more shifts, he then goes on to tell them that he heard Chief Gook met with the hospital director to stop it from happening.

The team is called to practice CPR and Jin Hee is the first to go up, Chief Gook helps her with her CPR and things start to get a bit intense (cue the sexy BG music) Chang Min meanwhile doesn’t look that impressed and finally knocks Chief Gook on to the table and looks like he’s about to punch him. Turns out this all happened in Chang Min’s head because the next moment Chief Gook is moving away from Jin Hee and telling the interns that they need to learn how to do a CPR massage to get the blood pumping. The ER Chief walks in and gives Jin Hee the good news that she can continue her internship, thinking that it is because of Chief Gook, Jin Hee hugs him in happiness much to the dismay of Chang Min.

Chang Min gives his uncle a call to confirm that his uncle did in fact use his influence on the hospital director so that Jin Hee wasn’t fired, after his uncle confirms that he did talk to the hospital director, he tells Chang Min that he shouldn’t forget that he now owes him a favour, and assures him that this is a secret between the two of them. The interns are all gathered at Young Ae and Sang Hyuks house for their house warming and also to celebrate Jin Hee’s continuing internship. As the drinks come rolling out Chang Min and Jin Hee get into a heated discussion about married life and when people should get married.

Chief Gook receives some good news about the ER budget and excitedly rushes off to see Ji Hye, who is at a dance practice (here we get to see Yeo Jin’s awesome moves that led her to win the 2012 Korean Dancing with the Stars). Chief Gook has an out of body moment where he imagines himself dancing with Ji Hye. All the interns except for Jin Hee, Chang Min and Ah Reum have crashed for the night, Ah Reum offers Jin Hee some more alcohol but is stopped by Chang Min who tells her that Jin Hee is already drunk enough. He tells them that he is leaving after Jin Hee points at him as the cause of her drunkenness, Jin Hee however tells him that SHE will be the one leaving first and stumbles out.

A drunk Jin Hee gets into the back of the taxi that Chang Min catches and she drunkenly tells him to get out of her cab, Chang Min tells the taxi driver to take them to the hospital first and then asks him for some gum because he can’t turn up to work smelling of alcohol. When they get there Chang Min tries to ask Jin Hee where she lives so they taxi driver can drop her off (I find it really interesting that he was married to her but has no idea where she lives, like where you even married guys??) Chang Min accidentally gets his gum in her hair when is lifts her out of the taxi because he can’t get an address out of her. He piggy backs her in to the hospital and puts her down in the male staff room. He tries to keep her quiet by putting his hand over her mouth, and after her initial drunken shock Jin Hee falls asleep, Chang Min gets an affectionate look on his face (awwwwwwww).

He’s called to the ER though, because Kwang Soo has rushed Gook to the hospital because he has a high fever. Chief Gook is dropping Ji Hye off at her apartment and she tells him that he should get back in to dancing with her, as her partner. She gets a phone call from a foreign hospital (and we get to hear Choi Yeo Jin speaking one of her other languages), she tells them that she will call them back, and gets out of the car and calls her mother. She asks her about someone called Ji Min (I’m going to speculate that its either her younger sibling or she had a child while she was in America) and calls the hospital back.

Chief Gook has stripped to his inner layer of clothes and crashes on the bed in the hospital rest room, he tugs at the blankets and we see Jin Hee’s face emerge. The two sleep on until morning and are woken up by Chief Gook’s alarm going off, as they sleepily sit up they both notice each and just as they’ve both registered the situation they are in Chang Min walks in, cue hilarious screaming from the three.

Jin Hee is in the women’s break room freaking out about the situation she was just in, and also searching for her sock, which is now with Chief Gook much to Chang Min’s displeasure. Chang Min notices that gum he accidentally put in to Jin Hee’s hair last night on the back of Chief Gook’s scrubs. Jin Hee accidentally tells Ji Hye about the bed incident when she is summoned, thinking that Ji Hye has heard about what happened and has called her to reprimand her.

Jin Hee and Chief Gook share an awkward elevator ride together where Jin Hee notices the gum and tries to get it off, enter Ji Hye and Chang Min who look at the two in shock. Jin Hee is dragged on to the rooftop of the hospital by Chang Min, he asks her if she likes Chief Gook and when she answers affirmative, he tries to make her feel bad for the position that this will put him in as her ex husband seeing his ex wife fawn over a guy. Jin Hee tells him that they’re over and he should get that into his head.

Gook has gotten even worse and Kwang Soo rushes him back in to the hospital, while Ji Hye is helping Gook, Chang Min comes up, and Kwang Soo in a rush of anger punches Chang Min which causes Jin Hee to come rushing over (I see the affectionate and worried way you’re looking at him Jin Hee!!). Ji Hye believes Gook may have meningococcal meningitis. Kwang Soo is still in a bit of distress and asks Jin Hee how Chang Min can call himself a doctor and that if they’d come and seen Jin Hee instead that Gook would be fine, Jin Hee defends Chang Min by saying that she is also an intern so she isn’t any more better than him.

Jin Ae rushes to the hospital and bumps in to Chang Min who she calls “brother in law”, Chang Min looks a bit confused at first but then gets a look of realization. Jin Hee comes over and drags Jin Ae away for a scolding, Chang Min follows them and Jin Ae hides behind him, all the while calling him “brother in law”. Jin Hee dresses Jin Ae in scrubs so that she can see Gook, where Chief Gook and Ji Hye are trying to help him, Jin Ae’s eyes tear up at the pain her son seems to be in. Jin Ae is asked to wait outside where she falls in to Kwang Soo’s arms in tears. Chief Gook and Ji Hye find out that Jin Ae is Jin Hee’s sister, and Chang Min and Jin Hee share a look while he is inside looking after Gook. Chief Gook remarks to Ji Hye that she was pretty good with the baby and she tells them that it’s the worst moment for a mother when her baby is sick, he asks her how she can know this when she isn’t’ even a mother. As Chang Min is leaving to go back home Kwang Soo catches up to him and hands him a mix cd of his favourite music.

Chang Min plays the CD and stops on a song about losing a loved one, he flashes back to his wedding with Jin Hee and then the following aftermath and the eventual reunion and everything which has happened since, tears slowly start falling down Chang Min’s face. Ji Hye tells Chief Gook that it seems like it wasn’t him who convinced the hospital director to keep Jin Hee but someone else, who that is, she doesn’t know.

Choi Jin Hyuk. Biceps. Chang Min working out because he can’t sleep. That’s all you need to know for this scene

The next day Chang Min receives a message from Yong Gyu, which is addressed to Ah Reum, the message also has a video proposal attached, Jin Hee, Kim Min Ki and a whole bunch of other hospital staff are also seen watching the video and laughing, turns out Yong Gyu sent is at a group message. However he doesn’t realize it until he starts getting messages from the receivers. Jin Hee has bought a gift for Chief Gook to say thanks, he hands her, her missing sock and she walks out in embarrassment. Ah Reum walks in to the hospital and is greeted by smiles and giggles all round, Yong Gyu who walks in after her tries to hide in embarrassment. Turns out Ah Reum hasn’t even seen the proposal and Yong Gyu finally knows that she had no knowledge about the flower courtship either.

Chief Gook finds out from the ER Chief that it was through Chang Min’s connections that Jin Hee got to keep her internship. Gook has been allowed to be discharged, and we witness some Jin Hee/Chang Min baby cuteness (I think I’m going to like having Jin Ae back in the picture, she clearly ships Jin Min), oblivious Kwang Soo asks Chang Min if he is married because the two of them look really good together, he then sticks his foot in his mouth by telling Chang Min that Jin Hee has already been married once before Jin Ae tries to get him to stop talking, the two guys also bond over the mix CD Kwang Soo gave Chang Min while the sisters stare in confusion. When they are leaving Jin Ae tells Kwang Soo that he has no idea who Chang Min is, and if he knew he would go in to shock.

Chief Gook tells Jin Hee that it was in fact Chang Min who saved her internship for her. Chang Min gets a text from Jin Hee telling him that they need to talk. She is not happy with him and he asks her how what he did was any different to what Chief Gook did? Why is it that Chief Gook gets a present and all this affection but all he gets for helping her is anger? Possessive Chang Min makes an appearance, and he tells her that she should stop smiling at him (Chief Gook), that she should never run in to his arms again, that she should stop making her happy face in front of other guys.


I really enjoyed these two episodes, because I loved seeing jealous Chang Min make an appearance, and I also liked getting a bit of a glimpse in to Ji Hye and Chief Gook’s past. My favourite part of these two episodes I think would have to be the two scenes that showed the four in-laws, Jin Ae and Kwang Soo standing together with Jin Hee and Chang Min looking at each other through the glass, and the four of them around Gook’s bed where Chang Min and Jin Hee look like parents and Jin Ae stores this away and Kwang Soo making a fool of himself. Possessive Chang Min at the end was also a big highlight for me.

I’m still just tuning out Sung Sook and her childish antics, but I wonder what will happen now that she’s found the gift Jin Hee gave her husband.

I’m looking forward to getting that glimpse back in to Jin Min’s couple past of how they met and what led to their shotgun wedding.


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