Emergency Couple – Episode 10 & 11 Recap

I was excited to see that we finally got to see how Jin Hee and Chang Min actually met, and the sweet scenes between them. The competitive male in Chang Min and Chief Gook also makes an appearance, but after hearing what Ji Hye says to Chief Gook about just seeing him everyday makes her happy, I want Chief Gook and Ji Hye together.


After telling her not to make faces at any other guys, Chang Min tells Jin Hee that he can see that she is falling for Chief Gook just by looking at her, Jin Hee tells him that it is none of his business who she likes, and since they are divorced neither of them should feel uncomfortable the other is getting back in the dating scene. Jin Hee walks away feeling confused.

Chang Min is busy writing down something when Yong Gyu walks up to him and asks him what he is doing, he promptly covers what he is writing, Yong Gyu picks up his phone and sees that Chang Min is looking up ways to look after kids with meningitis and asks him who he knows that has the illness, Chang Min tells him that it’s his nephew to which Yong Gyu looks confused about (awwwww he’s researching for Gook!!!!). As he goes to look for Jin Hee to give her his notes he sees Chief Gook handing her a prescription, he’s prescribed her family members some medication just in case they get sick from contact with Gook. Chang Min looks crestfallen and quickly hides his notes and medication for her behind his back.

Jin Hee comes home to mayhem, Kwang Soo and Jin Ae are loud and the kitchen is in a mess, she then gets a milk bottle dropped on to her foot and basically looks like she is about to explode any minute now. The sisters have a talk where Jin Ae tells Jin Hee that her family will be staying with them for a while because they have no where else to go and if Jin Hee doesn’t let them then Jin Ae will tell their mother who Jin Hee is working with at the hospital.

Later that night we get our first glimpse of how our couple met. One of Chang Min’s fellow students goes into anaphylactic shock and with Chang Min’s medical skills and Jin Hee’s dietician mind they two figure out what is wrong with the girl afterwards when they are left alone Chang Min notices that they share the same name “Oh” and they share a giggle. We get a Chang Min voice over of him saying that Jin Hee’s smiling face is what he fell for. The progressive flashbacks of their first days of contact continue, and there is another voice over of each of them saying “if only that day hadn’t happened”, a cadaver is rolled past while the two are talking to each other and the arm touches Jin Hee, who in fright launches herself in to Chang Min’s arms. Even though it seems to have ended badly for the two, the current Jin Hee and Chang Min fall asleep with smiles on their faces of their first encounters.

The two wake up the next morning wondering how the hell the other ended up in their dream and things get a bit awkward the next morning when they are pushed together in the elevator, and Chang Min is left with a lipstick mark on his doctors coat.

Jin Hee notices the note that Chang Min threw out the day before and Yong Gyu who see’s her holding it remarks to her “so you were the recipient? Chang Min put a lot of effort in to it” and skips away merrily. Ah Reum notices the lipstick stain on Chang Min’s shirt and proceeds to clean it off with Jin Hee watching jealously, she then pushes past the two and walks off in a huff, Chang Min isn’t far behind and seems happy that she is showing signs of jealousy.

After the two finish with a patient who was in a construction accident, Chang Min tells Jin Hee that they should find something to eat and that his stomach is hurting, at first Jin Hee doesn’t relent but upon hearing that Chang Min’s stomach hurts so much and he gives her a puppy face the two go to find some food. Chief Gook enters his office and after some thought tries on the jacket that Jin Hee got him as a gift of respect, Ji Hye walks in while he is trying it on and Chief Gook looks like the kid who stole something, after some teasing from Ji Hye she tells him that it looks good on him, and gets a bit of a sad look on her face.

Ah Reum sees Jin Hee reapplying her lipstick in the staff room and gets a bit jealous girlfiriendish, Jin Hee asks her what she likes so much about Chang Min. After Ah Reum’s explanation Jin Hee wonders aloud if the reason that they were able to meet is because she is the ministers daughter, this prompts a strong reaction from Ah Reum who asks Jin Hee who the hell told her that. Jin Hee tells her that she just heard it somewhere and that Chang Min didn’t say anything. Ah Reum tells Jin Hee that she’s been wanting to know for a while, what Jin Hee and Chang Min’s relationship is.

Yong Gyu takes Chang Min to a bar to ask for relationship advice while Chang Min muses to himself that he doesn’t remember how he seduced “her” in the beginning. The two spot Chief Gook and Ji Hye walk in and Chang Min notices that Chief Gook is wearing the jacket Jin Hee got for him, he goes over to Ji Hye while Chief Gook is in the bathroom to say his greetings and “accidentally” spills the alcohol on to Chief Gook’s jacket, he gives himself a little victory smile.

While Chief Gook has gone to check on Ji Hye who has received another overseas phone call, Yong Gyu drunk texts Ah Reum while Chang Min glares daggers at Chief Gook’s new jacket. Making a split decision Chang Min steals the jacket and hides it in his bag. Chief Gook gets called back to the hospital but is suspicious of Chang Min, and finds the construction patient that Jin Hee treated earlier is suffering convulsions, he gives Jin Hee a call, who has been picked up by Chang Min who was waiting for her in front of the hospital. Jin Hee tells Chief Gook how she treated the patient and then offers to come back to which Chief Gook declines.

Chang Min and Jin Hee get in to a disagreement in the car because Jin Hee wants to go back and check on the patient, they hit a red light and Chang Min breaks suddenly, causing Jin Hee to cry out in pain. Turns out she’s fractured her collarbone, Chang Min creates a make shift sling for her with his scarf and dotes on her causing Jin Hee to become confused about his change in behaviour. The construction patient turns out to possibly have a kidney problem because he hasn’t urinated, Chang Min and Jin Hee arrive back at the hospital where Jin Hee tells him to check on the patient for her.

Chief Gook sees the two of them and asks Jin Hee what happened, the two guys get in to an alpha male type thing and Chang Min tells Jin Hee that he’s staying overnight to look after her because this is his fault. The two guys get their alpha male thing on again when Chang Min asks Chief Gook if he is interested in Jin Hee, he tells him that he is and that it shouldn’t matter to Chang Min. Chang Min tells him that he’s become interested too so Chief Gook should stop his interest in her.

Chief Gook discovers that Ji Hye has had a blood test done and that the results were sent over to the States while Chang Min watches over Jin Hee and gets another flashback. This time its of the two having coffee in an empty lecture hall and their first kiss. Present day Chang Min suddenly notices that Jin Hee has found his little note thing, he wonders what he should do now and if he should start from the very beginning again. A decision seems to be made and he slowly leans down to kiss her (cue fan girling )

Jin Hee is dreaming of the beginning of her relationship with Chang Min, we see the couple having a pillow fight that ends in a kiss, the scene changes to present day Chang Min kissing Jin Hee, both seem to have small smiles on their faces as Chang Min leans back. Yong Gyu tells Chang Min that he always knew that Chang Min liked Jin Hee, and that he knows the reason Chang Min’s hairstyle has changed is also because he wants to impress her.

Chang Min takes Jin Hee to the cafeteria for some food before they get busy and proceeds to feed her food because she shouldn’t move her arms, she looks beyond embarrassed. She asks him why he’s got such a happy expression on his face and he tells her that it reminds him of the old days and asks if she remembers that time she fractured her hand during a pillow fight, Jin Hee tells him that its all because he sat on her hand that it got fractured. She notices that he isn’t eating anything and he tells her its probably because he didn’t get any sleep that he has no appetite.

The two finish their food and bicker over the fact that Jin Hee is working when she should be resting, they encounter Ah Reum who greets them and walks away to get changed. Jin Hee tells him that Ah Reum keeps asking what their relationship is and she doesn’t know what to say, she tells him that the two of them look good together and if they were to start going out she wouldn’t mind. The construction patient from yesterday is getting a dialysis, and the two find out that the patient actually has a next of kin, the patients ex wife, who is a complete match as a kidney donor.

Chief Gook goes to see Ji Hye and presents her with the blood test, asking her if she is ok, after a while she tells him that she needs it for a growth hormone test, she finally tells him that its because she is a mother. Over coffee Ji Hye tells Chief Gook that she thought she was in love but the guy she was with turned out to be a lie, and that once she got pregnant he told her to get an abortion. Chief Gook asks her how old her kid is and Ji Hye tells him that she has a daughter who will be four years old this year. Ji Hye sneaks in to the joint staff common room and makes a phone call to her daughter Ji Min. Turns out Jin Hee was in the room as well searching for bandages. Ji Hye doesn’t seem angry at her and offers to do her bandages for her. She tells Jin Hee that Chief Gook said to go easy on her and comments that its good he cares for her because he only used to care about patients.

Chang Min goes to see Chief Gook to ask for some recovery time for Jin Hee and says that he will take on her workload, Chief Gook agrees to it because he also cares about her. Yong Gyu finally learns what Ah Reum’s feelings for her are and the poor guy is devastated. Chang Min receives a surprising phone call from his father, and tells him that he shouldn’t sign the divorce papers, his father tells him to come and visit him when he has time and they can go fishing.

At the end of their shift Jin Hee gets told by Chief Gook to have a few days vacation time to heal up and that he will talk to the higher ups about it. On the way to her car Jin Hee is stopped by Chang Min who tells her that she can’t drive in the state that she’s in and she is shuffled in to his car to an unknown destination. He asks her where her place is and it turns out that she moved three years ago (ahhh so he did know where she lived in the beginning but he figured that she must have moved after the divorce) he wonders why she moved out of their honeymoon suite and tells her that the place also held good memories that he still remembers.

He gets dragged in to the house by Jin Ae and Kwang Soo, tell him that its ok because their mother isn’t home (I guess something went down between those two, or she is just resentful that he broke her daughters heart). After some soju shots Jin Ae and Kwang Soo reenact how he proposed and stupidly asks Chang Min how he proposed to Jin Hee (the guy has foot in mouth disease I swear). Jin Ae gives him a look and he apologises for asking, but Chang Min tells him that its alright and looks at Jin Hee asking if she remembers how it happened, he starts the story by telling them that it happened on a snowy day.

They are disturbed by the front door bell ringing and Jin Hee and Chang Min panic thinking its their mother, turns out it’s the moving company and Jin Ae and Kwang Soo bring in their boxes. The two seem to be permanently moving in and slowly pushing Jin Hee out. Chief Gook goes to see Ji Hye who is at the bar and asks to see a picture of Ji Min, he tells her that Ji Min is pretty like her mother. Ji Hye tells him that she found the picture that they took together on his birthday a while back and wonder why he still has it. Chief Gook tells her that he likes to keep the good memories even though they broke up (honestly I like these two together regardless of whether they actually date or just stay as close friends, you can see the respect they both have for each other and the friendship).

Jin Hee tells Jin Ae that moving in all their stuff is really too much and she is very uncomfortable with the arrangement, the four hear their mother and while Chang Min and Jin Hee rush to hide, Kwang Soo and Jin Ae go to distract their mother. They try to distract her from going in to Jin Hee’s room but the two fail and their mother walks in to see Jin Hee directing one of the moving men who is actually Chang Min. Changing back into his clothes Chang Min sits and waits for Jin Hee in his car. Once she is in the car he suddenly leans over and puts her seatbelt on, time for Jin Hee kidnapping round two!!

Chief Gook tells Ji Hye that he feels like it is all his fault that she is in the situation that she is in, she tells him that although she is sad her daughter doesn’t have a father she is ok, and she is glad they got to meet again after six years and that she gets to see him everyday. Turns out Chang Min has kidnapped Jin Hee to his apartment because her place is way too full for an injured person to stay, Jin Hee tells him that they do not have that type of relationship anymore where he can do this and tries to leave. Cue Chang Min back hugging her and begging her to stay because he wants her there.


While Chang Min is regaining his past feelings of affection for Jin Hee, I feel that it is something that he should work harder for rather than have her jump back in to his arms. Sure they’re comfortable around each other and know their way around the other but all those fights and all those times he put her down. For me I would only accept him back after his child of a mother changes her attitude, but with a mother like that I can’t see Jin Hee welcoming Chang Min back with open arms soon.

Poor Yong Gyu though, his character is so earnest and innocent and he just gets his heart basically stomped on my Ah Reum, who for no valid reason is acting like Chang Min’s fiancée or wife.

I feel I would like to know more about Ji Hye and Chief Gook’s history, and I’m on team Chief Hye, because these two have become my favourite characters. Also what is with Jin Hee’s messy as hell hair in the hospital?? Like she looks like she’s never seen a brush in her life!!


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