Yoon Sang Hyun Transforms into a Detective for Serial Killer Mystery ‘Gap Dong’

We had precious little to go on aside from the basic synopsis last time we checked in on upcoming serial killer mystery drama Gap Dong, but now we finally have our first look at lead Yoon Sang Hyun in character as a dogged detective in the official poster released by tvN. With his hair cropped short and sporting facial hair, it’s certainly a far cry from earnest and dorky Lawyer Cha from I Hear Your Voice or flashy Oska from Secret Garden, isn’t it?

Gap Dong is based on the real life unsolved Hwaseong Serial Murder Case (making this extra creepy), though the drama will instead be set in the fictional city of Iltan. The story revolves around a chain of murders that occurred in Iltan 20 years ago (and is thus referred to as the Iltan Serial Murders); the police named a man as their prime suspect, though they failed to prove his guilt and he ended up committing suicide due to the pressure. The statute of limitations eventually expires… and the murderer, known as Gap Dong, reappears one day to continue his killing spree. Eep.

The original suspect who was driven to suicide over police accusations turns out to be the father of our hero, Moo Yeom (Yoon Sang Hyun), giving him ample motivation to begin a relentless pursuit of Gap Dong. In fact, he became a violent crimes detective at the Iltan Police Department precisely because of the Gap Dong case – this is a man who is driven by hurt over the injustice done to his father and operating with vengeance on the mind. Fittingly, the tagline on the poster reads: “Thank you… so you’re alive.” I’d imagine he’d want the satisfaction of taking down the real criminal with his own hands, though I can’t help being nervous over the prospect. Whenever a character is this blinded by anger, I begin to wonder whether they’ll push too far past the point of no return.

The production crew behind Gap Dong sounds promising: the drama will be directed by PD Jo Soo Won of I Hear Your Voice and penned by Kwon Eum Mi (Royal Family), so I expect a tight script and both writer and PD to deliver on the tense thrills that will be key to this story.

Gap Dong will follow Emergency Couple on the tvN Friday-Saturday slot and premiere on April 11th.

From TV Report


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