Bride of the Century: My New Addiction

TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century is probably one of the lesser known currently airing dramas going around, but it may have just become my new addiction. The drama stars FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki as Choi Kang Joo, a chaebol in the Taeyang Group and Yang Jin Sung as doppelgänger’s Na Doo Rim and Jang Yi Kyung. You know those dramas that you know will turn in to melodramas with scheming mothers, an ex who refuses to give up, birth secrets, love secrets, couple misunderstandings but you still continue to watch it because you love the romance that is unfolding between the two leads? Well Bride of the Century is one of those dramas.

The short version of the plot is that the Choi family has a curse on them for the past 100 years where the first bride always dies, Kang Joo’s mother (Jang Ok Jung’s, Kim Seo Ra) has chosen Yi Kyung to be that first bride sacrifice, while Yi Kyungs’ mother (Faith’s , Shin Eun Jung) discovers Na Doo Rim who is her daughters exact twin and switches the two girls.

We’re only 6 episodes in to the drama right now but what I know for sure is;

  1. I’m loving the chemistry I can see between Doo Rim and Kang Joo and how she is teaching him new things and his heart is slowly thawing.
  2. Kang Joo’s father, his brother Kang In, his housekeeper and his family butler are breaths of fresh air amidst all the scheming women from his friend Roo Mi to his mother to Yi Kyung’s mother.
  3. The ghost is a total matchmaker and I love her.

The one thing I was a bit confused about in the beginning was the whole bride sacrifice thing, so what I’ve summarised is that Myung Hee (Kang Joo’s mother) would rather prefer Roo Mi as her daughter in law, but because she believes the curse is real she decides to sacrifice Yi Kyung so that she can be the first bride, die, and then she can marry Roo Mi off to Kang Joo. Yi Kyung’s mother, Jae Ran finds out about the curse through bribing the family fortune teller and also discovers Myung Hee’s plot to offer up her daughter as sacrifice. Discovers Doo Rim whom she employs to impersonate her daughter who has allegedly gone missing and plans to sacrifice Doo Rim instead. I think the whole mother’s plot is a bit tangled in on itself, there are two layers to each of their plots. Myung Hee’s endgame is to basically have Roo Mi as her daughter in law and Jae Ran’s endgame is to make her daughter part of Taeyang group foiling Myung Hee’s plan.

What I’m loving so far about it is that Doo Rim and Kang Joo clearly have chemistry with each other, and what is interesting to me, is that although Yang Jin Sung is not the worlds best actress nor one of the best in the Korean entertainment industry, she can still play the two roles of Doo Rim and Yi Kyung perfectly. She nails Doo Rim’s freshness and spunkiness with that hint of innocence, and also hits it head on with Yi Kyungs cool demeanour and bitchiness. It’s interesting to also see how she can have so much chemistry with Kang Joo when she is playing Doo Rim, whilst also portraying next to no chemistry with him when she is playing Yi Kyung, props also have to go to Hong Ki for helping with this. Oh did I mention that I love the kisses?? Cause yeah those are pretty good, I wouldn’t mind some lip movement later on though, but I feel spoiled that 6 episodes in and we’ve already gotten like 4 kisses?

What I totally don’t care about is Yi Hyun, the guy is a vegetable, what kind of guy falls in love with his half sisters doppelgänger??? Like hey Doo Rim does have an awesome personality and all but seriously wtf?? How is this not wrong? Roo Mi and her scheming is also getting on my nerves but hey if she is part of the reason why Kang Joo is pushed towards Doo Rim and they get closer then I guess I’ll have to deal with her, Jang Ah Young is also pretty good with the jealous girlfriend stares and the bitch face. What I don’t understand though is this thing between Kang In and Roo Mi, she’s obviously a noona that he has known for a while, but Kang In you cute and fresh-faced idol why have you fallen in love with this bitch of a noona??? I don’t want you to get hurt by her!! Stick with your cute girlfriend!

I also found it interesting how Kang Joo seems to have met the ghost lady before, and one of the lines he said to the housekeeper about her not having to worry about any of those scary things happening to Yi Kyung leads me to believe he actually knows something about the curse itself. My theory is that the ghost lady is the one who saved Kang Joo when he was kidnapped as a child, and the flashback in the preview corroborates that theory, she was there when he was kidnapped and she comforted him. Kang Joo and Doo Rim are obviously the couple that will break the curse, the question is how.I also seriously hope that Kang Joo will notice the difference between Doo Rim and Yi Kyung and figure out the rouse because that’s going to be so crap if he falls for the Doo Rim version of Yi Kyung and believes himself in love with Yi Kyung when he is in fact in love with Doo Rim. From the preview however he does seem to have figured something out relating to his mother’s scheme, can ep 7 get here faster please??

I’ll make do with this preview where it seems like Doo Rim returns to being Yi Kyung because that looks like Doo Rim in the scene with Kang Joo’s father.

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