tvN Drops Intense Character Teasers for Gap Dong

tvN has just released tension-filled short character teasers for serial killer thriller drama Gap Dong, following the character poster for lead Yoon Sang Hyun. I assume we’ll learn more about each character as the promotional material trickles out over the following weeks, but for now I’m really liking the tone of heavy suspense in the teasers as our characters betray their vastly different but equally intense reactions to Gap Dong’s reemergence.

Each character is evidently linked to Gap Dong in some way and the teasers give us a tiny glimpse into the nature of their connection, although so far we only know the reason for Yoon Sang Hyun and Sung Dong Il’s interests in the criminal – our hero Moo Yeom’s (Yoon Sang Hyun) father was falsely accused of the crime and committed suicide while the real killer disappeared, and Sung Dong Il plays the detective who was convinced of said father’s guilt.

Ha Moo Yeom (Yoon Sang Hyun): “Thank you… for being alive… Gap Dong.”

Maria Oh (Kim Min Jung): “So you were alive, like me.”

Yang Chul Gon (Sung Dong Il): “So that beast… is still alive.”

Ryu Tae Oh (Lee Joon): “My hero, you were alive.”

Ma Ji Wool (Kim Ji Won): “No way… you’re alive?”

If the actual drama has half this level of creepiness (particularly from Lee Joon), it should be pretty awesome indeed. Please be awesome, Show.

Gap Dong will premiere on the tvN Friday-Saturday slot after Emergency Couple ends.

From tvN, OSEN


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