Bride of the Century Fan Service Event

Ok so it wasn’t technically called a “fan service” event but from the photos I’m seeing this mid series media event was basically a whole lot of fan service for those of us addicted to that drama called Bride of the Century starring the totally compatible Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung. Ratings for the drama have steadily increased each week and for one of the lesser known channels this drama is doing extremely well. It probably helps that Hong Ki and Jin Sung seem to have so much chemistry with each other both on and off screen if these pictures are anything to go by.

On the topic of the shows ratings, Episode 4 where we got our cute hospital scene as well as our awesome roast potato kiss scene, reached 3.3% in ratings, which is an awesome feat for a cable drama that is competing against the likes of MBC’s “Golden Rainbow” starring Jung Il Woo and Uee, SBS’s “Thrice Married Woman” starring Lee Ji Ah and Uhm Ji Won and KBS2’s “Wonderful Season” starring the two acting veterans that are Kim Hee Sun of Faith and Lee Seo Jin of Yi San fame. So to see the drama even go past 1% means that they are doing something right, and on that note there is also news that remake rights have been sold to Japan with a confirmation to air the drama and that China is also in talks to get the rights as well.

Back to the mini media event, the event was basically held to garner more viewers for the drama and so this particular shoot became an open-to-media shoot. We’re getting all these cute photos of the two together, from them cuddling to feeding each other roast sweet potatoes, which I predict are currently in high demand due to this drama, I for one know I’m craving to try some. Hopefully they continue to do what they’re doing and the drama continues to get high ratings and Hong Ki and Jin Sung continue to feed this addiction that we have to Kang Joo and Doo Rim.

Source Osen.


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