Lee Hong Ki sings for Bride of the Century OST

I’ve been waiting to hear news about this ever since I got in to this drama, and I would probably fly over to FNC and chuck rotten tomatoes if they did not make this happen. News was finally released that FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki who plays male lead Choi Kang Joo in TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century will be singing a song for the OST, the news was released via Hong Ki’s official Facebook page and featured the above image.

Not much is known about the song itself except that it is titled “Words I Still Cannot Say”, the song was played during last nights episode and a clip of its appearance has already been uploaded on to YouTube (see below). No word yet on when the full song will be available for us to listen to, but I for one know that it will be on repeat for me. From the snippet that we hear it will be one of those angsty songs that will fill you with emotions and will probably get played during those scenes when our two leads are apart or heart broken or fighting. Is it too much for me to hope that he will sing another happier song for the series later on? Fingers crossed.

Cr to uploader. News sourced from Osen


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