More Chilling Character Posters for Gap Dong

If the Gap Dong teasers weren’t enough to send a chill down your spine, then the newly-released main poster and character posters might – particularly the one featuring Lee Joon as genius barista Ryu Tae Oh. Lee Joon is definitely dialling up the creepy factor with his crazy eyes and disturbing excitement over serial murderer Gap Dong’s reappearance; he looks downright giddy with maniacal glee, doesn’t he? I have a feeling I’ll be soon wondering who I should be more afraid of – the serial killer or the twisted barista who refers to the killer as his “hero”?

Either way, “dark and sinister” is clearly the name of the game here with the new posters adding to the atmosphere of fear and anticipation. The words scrawled across the main poster are written backwards, as if by someone’s finger on a dusty window, and say: “I am the real Gap Dong.” Eeeeeek.

An additional released still of Kim Min Jung’s psychiatrist character, Maria Oh, comes with more details on our dual-sided female lead. When she has her gown on she is a pure-looking and friendly doctor, but once the gown’s off, she’s a cold and mysterious woman who sports smoky make-up. The question is: which is her real self, and why is she so interested in Gap Dong?

She isn’t the only one interested in Gap Dong, though, because he appears to be the common link that draws all our characters together – we have our hero (Yoon Sang Hyun) who is driven to capture the real criminal after the original detective (Sung Dong Il) accused his father of the crime and led to his suicide, a webtoon artist (Kim Ji Won) who becomes the killer’s next target and somewhere in this web is a barista¬†(Lee Joon) who keeps his vested interest in Gap Dong and general psychopathic tendencies under wraps.

Gap Dong will thrill us all beginning on April 11, following Emergency Couple on the tvN Friday-Saturday slot.

From tvN, TV Report


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