Emergency Couple – Episode 12 & 13 Recap

I really enjoyed these two episodes, and the relationship development between Chang Min and Jin Hee. It’s nice to see that he has finally accepted that he is also to blame for their failed marriage, however he still has work to do, and while part of me cringes every time Jin Hee shows some type of interest in Chief Gook I know its relevant to the story line. Also this may have become my favourite week because I finally finally got the scene I’ve been craving for since the beginning, and THAT scene is now my all time favourite part of the entire drama.

This whole nighttime/daytime scene was incredibly cute. Chang Min and Jin Hee text each other while in bed and Chang Min says that Jin Hee can lock the door all she wants but he has the key. The next morning he wakes her up and rolls her up in the blanket like a piece of sushi, Chang Min then proceeds to wash her face and brush her teeth for her. When Chang Min has finished making their breakfast, and Jin Hee squirms free of her blanket prison the two share a comfortable breakfast like a couple. Chang Min asks Jin Hee why she thinks this “honeymoon” phase is so short lived and she tells him that it’s because people get to comfortable and absorbed that they forget these little things that make them a couple. Chang Min leaves to go to the hospital to cover her shift and remarks that it looks like they’re a married couple.

Chief Gook tells Ji Hye not to work on any children cases for a while incase it hits too close to home, she tells him that it’s alright but its nice to see him worry about her. She tells him not to worry about her feelings and just express how he feels if he likes someone, Chief Gook is confused whilst Ji Hye muses that its not easy for someone to get in to Chief Gook’s heart, but “someone” broke down the thick wall and got in, she then wonders why it makes her happy.

Chang Min is working Jin Hee’s shift when the wife of the construction patient walks up to him, she has finally decided to come and be there for her husband and Chang Min is pleased. Chang Min sits down to read all the patient reports that Jin Hee has written, Jin Hee meanwhile seems to be musing something over at Chang Min’s place, she gets a call from Jin Ae telling her that their mother is on the way to the hospital to see her, she quickly rushes over.

After her mother leaves Jin Hee goes to Chang Min, the two stand alone on an overpass in the hospital, Chang Min tells her that he wants to start over, begin their relationship again from a different perspective, he tells her that he let her go once and he won’t regret it and let her go a second time.

Kim Min Ki reveals to Yong Gyu that he was the one who tied the ribbon to the plant and that Ah Reum had nothing to do with it, he tells Yong Gyu to just live life to the fullest like he would do so with love. Even if they aren’t together he should still love fiercely. Chang Min goes to return Chief Gook’s jacket and confesses that he stole it because he was envious of him, he also tells him that he tends to act very immature when he likes someone, but he is going to change that. Chang Min warns Chief Gook to stop having feelings for Jin Hee because she is his.

Chief Gook reveals to Ji Hye that Chang Min was the one who stole his jacket and that he returned it and apologised, he also told him that he likes Jin Hee. Ji Hye wonders why it had to be Jin Hee out of all people because she was just getting in to Chief Gook’s heart. She tells him to live his life expressing his emotions a bit, she asks him if his chest doesn’t get ticklish sometimes and then asks him if he knows how many times the feeling of loving someone comes in to peoples hearts, she tells him that it is a rare feeling. Chief Gook sees Chang Min who is on his way home and tells him that he will not give up his position in the fight for Jin Hee.

Chang Min stops over at a restaurant on the way home to get some food for him and Jin Hee but is summoned by his mother. She’s sitting at a restaurant when Ah Reum arrives, turns out Sung Sook is setting them up again. Chang Min arrives to see Ah Reum and isn’t pleased, the dinner does not go the way Sung Sook planned Ah Reum leaves hurt by Chang Min’s coldness whilst, Chang Min reprimands his mother and tells her that she should give him a choice whether he wants to meet someone or not. Not to set it up as she desires, he heads home in a rush.

Even though he’s heaps full because he scoffed down Thai food when he was at the restaurant he nonetheless joins Jin Hee in eating the Ox Tail soup he brought home, Jin Hee tells him that he never used to like it before so why is he eating some now, he tells her that if she likes it, he will like it. The two sit down after dinner and it seems like Jin Hee has reached a resolution to Chang Min’s earlier confession. Chief Gook awkwardly tries to show his concern for Jin Hee by sending her “ take care” messages.

Jin Hee tells Chang Min that she isn’t looking to go back to the way they were, that when they first got divorced it was really hard for her, so she has no thoughts of starting over again. Jin Hee gets up to leave but is held back by Chang Min who tells her that he won’t give up and promptly kisses her on the mouth, Jin Hee struggles against him, when she’s let go she walk towards his front door, only to have it open to reveal Sung Sook who has come to reprimand Chang Min for his earlier behavior.

Obviously Sung Sook is not happy by Jin Hee’s presence and proceeds to bully her, this time however Chang Min won’t stand for it, and stand up to his mother, protecting a shocked Jin Hee, he tells his mother that she should leave and pulls Jin Hee out of his apartment. To say Sung Sook is shocked is an understatement, the woman seems beyond pissed and confused and just bratty.

In the car Chang Min reaches over the console to hold Jin Hee’s hand and tells her that from now on he will protect her from his mother. He continues on to say that when they were living together he didn’t bother to look in to her heart, and he also didn’t have enough heart to bother, he tells her that they’ll go slow this time at her pace. At the front of her place, Jin Hee stops and tells him to stop thinking about starting over, she’s finally found who is in life and she likes where she is, Chang Min replies that he knows. He says that he knows how tough it was on her when they got divorced and how hard it must have been for her to come out like this, he says he’s not asking to get back because she’s now “changed” she was like this before but he just didn’t see it or maybe he forgot it the longer they lived together.

Chang Min goes home and has a talk with his mother, he tells her that this is his life and this is how he wants to lead it, and even if the outcome is the same again he will keep trying to make it right. Jin Hee meanwhile is lost in a flashback where Sung Sook comes to abuse her after Chang Min has left. The next day Kwang Soo brings home a car he borrowed from his friend so he could do random little jobs, Jin Ae tells him to give Jin Hee a lift to work. In the car Kwang Soo asks Jin Hee why she looks so out of energy today, he asks why she got divorced to Jin Hee and when she tells him that its cause they were so young they had no idea what they were doing so it failed. He tells her that he doesn’t think divorce means they failed, it just means they made a mistake. He asks her why she thinks it’s a failure, responsibility comes with being married, and it’s not something that anyone can practice. He compares it to playing a concert, it’s like a live show where mistakes are bound to happen on stage, Jin Hee seems to think this over.

Head Nurse Choi receives a call that they are getting a transfer patient from a private clinic that has been in an accident and has received damage to his head. Jin Hee reads over the file the ambulance personnel gives her and asks him what the “infection warning” on the patients file is, Yong Gyu and Sang Hyuk who have come to assist Jin Hee take a step back as they hear this, Jin Hee is left alone in one of the ER rooms because the two refuse to come in. One of the nurses finds out that he potentially has “Jakobs Disease” (a rare and degenerative brain disorder). Chang Min sees the two standing outside the room while Jin Hee is yelling at them that she needs help, Yong Gyu tells Chang Min that the patient potentially has Jakobs and he shouldn’t go in, of course this has the opposite effect on Chang Min who rushes in to the room.

Jin Hee gets blood splattered over her face when she takes of the bandage that is surrounding the patients head, Chang Min immediately pours saline over to her to disinfect her and tries to kick her out of the room, of course Jin Hee doesn’t go and the two proceed with trying to help the patient. Chief Gook is the next person who enters the room and gives the two waiting interns outside a look of disgust, Chang Min is also splattered with some blood and Chief Gook disinfects the area for him. Jae Il comes in to the room and reports that the patient has tested negative to Jakobs and the room breaths a sigh of relief, he sends Chang Min and Jin Hee off to the showers.

And finally the scene I have been waiting for, I’m not even going to bother recapping this scene. Just stare and drool everyone.

Chang Min tries to steer Ah Reum’s interest off him by telling her that he’s actually been married before, she doesn’t seem phased or she’s just very used to getting what she wants. One of the nurse’s tricks Jin Hee into believing Chief Gook has been injured, Jin Hee rushes over in a state calling out “Chief” only to find Chang Min treating a CHEF, cue embarrassing and awkward situation. Chang Min reveals to Ji Hye that he and Jin Hee used to be married, she tells him not to tell anyone because it will make Jin Hee uncomfortable. Chief Gook muses to Ji Hye that he believes Chang Min will be a competent doctor one day and says that he thinks that Chang Mi’s sudden change of heart is due to Jin Hee.

Jin Ae calls out Chang Min and asks him if she can borrow some money to pay off her credit card debt because the money she got from selling Jin Hee’s wedding ring is all gone. She takes Chang Min back to the pawnshop where he buys the ring back. Chief Gook asks Jin Hee to help with the transferring of the construction patient to his original hospital for his operation. She gets a call from Chang Min and he says that he’ll meet her there, he gets there first and signs off the papers, Chang Min notices a sheet of recent patients and notices his father’s name on the list. Jin Hee tells Chang Min he should go and visit his father and the two part ways, Jin Hee gets a phone call from Chief Gook and Chang Min notices how earnest she is when talking to the Chief.

Jin Hee goes to have a drink in the local club and meets Ji Hye and Chief Gook, Ji Hye starts grilling Jin Hee on what type of guy she likes and Chief Gook gets awkward and uncomfortable, to make it even more bad Ji Hye ditches them when they leave and tells Chief Gook to drop Jin Hee at home, she runs off into a taxi and muses to her daughter why she did something like that, she must be an idiot.

Chang Min is waiting outside of Jin Hee’s house when he sees a car drive up and park in front of her place too. The two in the car share an awkward bonding moment, and Chief Gook gets out of the car to cover Jin Hee with his jacket to protect her from the rain, my poor baby Chang Min is left in shock.


Well its about time that Chang Min acknowledges that he was at fault for not protecting Jin Hee from his bitch of a mother and that he puts his mother in her place. It kind of hurts though to see him pining away for Jin Hee while she is clearly at ease displaying her like of Chief Gook, who by the way is totally awkward at this romance stuff it made me cringe the whole time I was watching it. Ji Hye, my dear what are you doing?? She’s become my favourite character with her personality, and how easy she is to be around, I don’t want her to get hurt and for me my endgame couples are Chang Min/Jin Hee and Chief Gook/ Ji Hye who are both clearly more compatible for each other, so I hope she stops her match making attempts soon.

I don’t know what Ah Reum wants though, like is she used to getting what she wants because of her looks and who her father is? And when the fudge is Sung Sook going to get killed off?? Or at least wake up and smell the reality? The scene with her sibling and her husband show that they are all clearly companionable whilst she as the eldest girl goes around like a 5-year-old brat who couldn’t get her favourite toy.


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