Bride of the Century: Episode 9 Preview

The written preview for this Fridays’ upcoming Bride of the Century episode has been released, and this plus the preview at the end of episode 8 last week has left me extremely confused. On the one hand I find myself happy that Doo Rim and Kang Joo are trying to be together because they love each other, on the other, I’m wondering WTF is going on in Doo Rim’s mind. We’ve finally reached the angsty phase in our drama with last Fridays’ episode 7 kicking off our angst period, how long this will go for we don’t know, but lets hope it doesn’t last long because I miss those cute and funny OTP scenes, another round of episode 4 anyone? The one thing that I really hope they move along is Kang Joo discovering who Doo Rim actually is, he’s fallen completely in love with this woman whom technically, he has just really gotten to know, and she’s not even who he thinks she is. If I have a bone to pick with the writer its this, can he just find out who she is already??? How long are you going to make her pretend to be someone she isn’t? When will this charade end? In every drama there is that one major hurdle that the lead couple have to over come, and Doo Rim’s real identity is that hurdle, not the evil scheming mothers, or the two evil biatches, or even the mystery surrounding the family ghost, so I hope that they can over come that hurdle soon, I just hope that when they do reach that hurdle that we don’t get like 4 episodes of just pure separation angst, and Kang Joo having major hate for Doo Rim, who’s left heartbroken and crying.

The preview was released along with these two stills, you can just tell that this will be one of the many angst scenes which will feature in the episode. How much feels does that second still invoke in you guys? Cause it’s giving me lots of feels. Doo Rim trying to hold back Kang Joo who looks like he never wants her to let go and if she does it will break his newly discovered heart . My babies!!

Written Preview for Episode 9:

Doo Rim is determined to recapture Kang Joo’s heart and asks him if he can be confident in the future that he won’t regret his decision. Doo Rim’s determination even in the face of death starts to sway Kang Joo. Kang Joo proposes to Doo Rim by giving her the necklace and the two agree to get married in secret. Later that night the ghost reveals herself to Doo Rim and she realises that it is the same woman, whom she saved from drowning and who gave her, her lucky bracelet. Before she can get over her surprise, the ghost lady asks her if she is willing to risk her life by marrying Kang Joo.

Episode 9 Preview:

The two things which strikes me the most about this preview are the scene where we get Kang Joo basically destroying the altar room, the guy is in serious pain from having to be apart from the woman that he loves. He’s angry at his family and he’s angry at the ghost, the one true friend he truly has. He knows that because his mother believes in this so called curse that if Doo Rim ever marries in to the family, his mother will make sure she is the “sacrificial” bride before replacing her with Roo Mi. My heart seriously tugs at this scene and I get the feeling this scene will be a powerful one if that snippet is anything to go by. The second scene which truly caught my attention was Kang Joo getting on his knees to beg Yi Kyung’s mother for permission. When you see a guy do that in a desperate situation to someone’s mother you know its true love, I hate that Jae Ran is going to use Kang Joo’s heart to her advantage, and I hate that she will use their love against each other or whatever nefarious plot she has up her sleeve.

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