Bride of the Century: Spoiler Alert

New spoilers for an upcoming episode of Tv Chosun’s Bride of the Century have been released today. From the spoiler that has been released, things seem to be going well for our OTP and it looks like they’ve stepped away from the angst fest for a moment. I hope that this spoiler means that Kang Joo finally knows who Doo Rim REALLY is and he’s accepted it, and the two can now act as a team to combat the evil forces in their relationship *cough* evil mothers and evil biatches *cough*. Unfortunately there is no word on WHEN we’ll actually get to see this cute scene, but hopefully soon? Cause they’re just soooo adorable and I love their cute scenes the most

The seriously cute spoiler features our couple out on a date, not only do they seem to be wearing matching ear muffs and contrasting scarves, they also seem to be wearing matching hoodies!!*cue fangirling*The article mentions that this is scene is very reminiscent of a “honeymoon” type scene, and I have to agree, all the cute is most definitely a fan service for us, if it is a honeymoon scene I’m expecting something magical Kang Joo!! Give me lots of sparks and kisses!!

With the direction that the drama is currently going, I was expecting some major angst type spoilers, so this is a pleasant and extremely welcome surprise and seems to be a sign that our couple are headed for happier times. Here’s hoping that they aren’t on the date as Yi Kyung/Doo Rim and Kang Joo but rather Doo Rim and Kang Joo, judging by the way they’re dressed in casual winter attire though, I’m going with the latter.

Source Osen


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