Kang Joo and Doo Rim’s Wedding

There have been a few tid bits floating around these past few days of a Kang Joo/Doo Rim wedding on the horizon for Bride of the Century. The written preview, the actual preview itself and this nice still of Doo Rim in a white dress, I’ve been sitting on it for a few days because I’ve been waiting for a bit more info and some more stills, and I think that now is probably the best time to post this up. So here goes.

The scene above clearly needs no further explanation, other than the fact that Doo Rim and Kang Joo are now bound together as one, there burdens will be shared with each other and their happiness will be found within each other. It’s a simple looking wedding and although I would have loved for Kang Joo to be in a black tux and Doo Rim in a gorgeous chiffon wedding dress, this scene is most definitely the epitome of THEM. Having Doo Rim in a fancy looking white wedding gown would be more of a Yi Kyung thing, so seeing Doo Rim wearing a simple white dress with a flower crown,you know that this is Doo Rim as Doo Rim getting married not Doo Rim as Yi Kyung, whether she is really getting married as the REAL Doo Rim is something that we will have to wait for. Kang Joo’s plaid suit to me seems to be more of Lee Hong Ki’s touch rather than something that Kang Joo would wear, it’s a simple suit that matches the simple wedding the two are having, like Doo Rim’s dress, if Kang Joo were to wear a black tux it would be a more formal type of affair, not this simple church wedding the two seem to be having. The scene is sweet and simple, and from what I am seeing the kiss looks to be a sweet one, although I would not mind if they put some “oomph” in to it

The official caption for the stills states that Kang Joo and Doo Rim vow to get married to each other despite the curse on his family and hope that their true love can overcome the “so called curse” that has plagued Kang Joo’s family for 100 years. The caption then goes on and mentions something about a jealous and possessive Kang Joo making an appearance in the near future, and some more angst which will continue to set the storyline. Personally I could do without the angst, it makes my heart ache and my tears fall, but to me if a drama can do that it means that I’ve developed an emotional connection with the characters and the actors are doing a good job. Bring on jealous Kang Joo though cause that I want to see.

Can I also mention how compatible Hong Ki and Jin Sung look?? Cause they are rocking their roles of Doo Rim and Kang Joo.

Source StarIn.


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