Donghae and Rainbow’s Jaekyung Form Love Line in God’s Quiz Season 4

Right on the heels of an official premiere date for OCN’s God’s Quiz Season 4 and news that the two leads are locked in, we have some idol casting confirmations: Donghae of Super Junior is joining the team as an elite rookie medical examiner and Jaekyung of girl group Rainbow will play a newly-scouted researcher and Donghae’s romantic interest.

Usually I would question how the casting of multiple idol actors in the usual “cheerful rookie” roles would work in the context of the show (frankly, the ‘rookie’ character in these crime shows is often fairly one-note and forgettable), but here at least I can be mostly certain that additional lightness wouldn’t feel out of place. God’s Quiz has always been a rather different animal to the OCN’s other moody and darkly serious detective dramas (TEN, Vampire Prosecutor) in that hero Han Jin Woo (Ryu Duk Hwan) actually has a sense of humour and is more relaxed in character – at least on the surface. Given the darker turn of Season 3, we could use more cheerfulness on Team Coroner anyway.

Based on the descriptions, it seems Donghae’s character Han Shi Woo will be that ray of sunshine: He’s a diligent and cheerful character who’s always the first to volunteer for a job. On top of being blessed with handsome good looks, Han Shi Woo has the brains to match – he was accepted straight from the prestigious Korean Medical University into the Korean University Hospital Law department. What’s cute is that he’s apparently a huge fan of Han Jin Woo and has read all of the latter’s papers. So he’s basically the perfect package – a geeeeenius with looks and brains to boot? Dare I hope that we either get a Jin Woo-Shi Woo bromance or Shi Woo driving Jin Woo up the wall with his fanboying?

Joining him in the Perfection Corner is his romantic interest, Jaekyung’s character Im Tae Kyung; she’s a beautiful and talented researcher who was personally recruited by office director Jo Young Shil (Park Joon Myun). She also used to be a member of a sexy girl group and retains the unique speaking patterns… so basically Jaekyung will be playing herself?

God’s Quiz Season 4 will air on OCN beginning from May 18.

From OSEN, Joy News


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