News Snippets: Casting News Bonanza

Starting a new blog corner today, for those weeks when we’re swamped by so much drama-related news that we need a collective post to get through it all. Shorter is sweeter and all that.

  • The drama hasn’t even premiered yet, but Choi Jin Hyuk is already locked in for a cameo in tvN’s Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (the drama spin-off version of Na PD’s variety show Grandpas Over Flowers). He’ll cameo as the younger version of the main character played by Lee Soon Jae; he’s a genius with an IQ of 150 and is a member of Mensa as well as an ace detective with outstanding memory and case-solving ability. The catch is that he has a foul mouth, hah. But that’s not all: Heechul of Super Junior will also be joining the cast as a young officer who somehow gets his body swapped with grandpa Lee Joon Jae. (From OSEN)

  • Lee Jun Ki is considering the lead role in Joseon Gunman, the upcoming KBS drama from the PD behind The Princess’ Man. And to this I say: YESSSS, TAKE IT. If he takes the role, he’ll play the hero – a young swordsman in the rapidly modernizing 19th Century Joseon who loses his father and sister, after which he throws away his sword and takes up a gun in a revenge mission. (From Sports Seoul)
  • Jaejoong of JYJ in for upcoming MBC melodrama Triangle, Song Seung Heon out. He’ll be taking the role of the gangster middle brother in the trio of brothers who were described as tragically separated in youth – the policeman oldest brother will be played by Lee Bum Soo and the youngest by Im Shi Wan. As much as I love Jaejoong, I find this an odd casting due to the age gap between Lee Bum Soo and Jaejoong. We’re essentially getting a rotation of Dr. Jin castmates… the less said about that drama, the better. (From OSEN)
  • Park Se Young (Faith) and Lee Sang Woo will lead upcoming SBS weekend drama Feel-Good Day. She’ll play the middle daughter of three – a cheerful, warm and optimistic girl who brightens up everyone around her – while Lee Sang Woo’s character will be her love interest. Despite the title and descriptors being tossed around like “bright” and “warm,” I admit to being a bit leery of the penchant for sudden dives into Angst Land in weekend family dramas, but I can’t not watch a couple that promises to be as cute as Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young. I’m going to regret it, aren’t I? (From TV Daily)
  • Stills of Kang Ji Hwan, Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee have been released for revenge drama Big Man, which will follow Full Sun in April. The drama tells the story of a penniless orphan (who turns to be the hidden son of a chaebol family, of course) – having lived the life of the downtrodden, he harbours a great deal of resentment towards the rich and corrupt and thus seeks revenge against them. (From Hankook Ilbo, Newsen, The Star)


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