Thai Drama – Cubic: A Short Recap

So far we are only about 8 episodes in to UMA 99’s Cubic drama which is currently airing Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Thailand’s TV 3 channel. I am really enjoying this drama, but since I don’t have enough time to do single episode recaps I thought that this post would be a nice way of updating you all on what has been happening to our leads so far. Since it does air three days of the week, I feel that in the next two weeks we’ll get our conclusion to Cubic. My initial judgement that Noey Chotika would be playing a bitch role has been proven wrong, and it’s interesting to see her take on the role of the nice celebrity, I honestly didn’t think she would be able to do it, but like all “nang rai’s”seeing them play a good role is always refreshing and it gives you a new light on their acting talents, as well as the fact that they can play diverse characters. On to the recap.

Episode 1 basically introduces us to the main characters, and I knew right from the get go that I would not be enjoying the role of Ruthainak’s elder sister Nantaka played Selina Pierce, to put it bluntly she’s a nuisance, yes she’s pretty but she’s they type of pretty who runs screaming when she sees an ant, so I just skip all the scenes that feature her. Mint Chalida’s Ruthainak on the other hand is bright and bubbly and intelligent, at times though I do find myself shaking my head and cringing at what she says. Her new best friend Danny played by rookie actor First Surasak, is seriously good looking and it gave me lol’s to see that out of their whole class Danny and Ruthainak are the best looking people.

To sum up what has happened over the past 8 episodes, basically, Ruthainak gets sent to Taiwan in replacement of her sister, she strikes up a deal with Ling Lan Sur that if she can find the money to pay back her fathers 20 million dollar debt before his guys can find her sister (who is hiding out in Thailand with their father) then he will stop the search for her sister, he takes the deal and the two shake on it. Ling Lan Sur is nominated by the key shareholders of his company to get notorious arms dealer Carlos Tapia (guest star M Apinun) to sign a contract with their company, his right hand man Jong Sin (Nott Voravit) suggests that he use Ruthainak as the negotiator because she seems to have some special ability, as she was able to negotiate a contract for her father which ended up earning her fathers company millions. Ling Lan Sur is hesitant but agrees to try it out, and Ruthainak again makes a deal with Ling Lan Sur, that if she is successful in getting Carlos to sign the contract she’ll get a thumbs up from him and he’ll say that she is “freaking awesome”.

Ruthainak walks in to the meeting nervous (I was surprised with the fact that Carlos didn’t kick her out or try to get his paws on her) she tells Carlos that she is Chai Hong Groups representative and that she has a proposal to make, however because she didn’t read all of the documents she was given by Jongsin she stumbles when Carlos asks her what is in it for him if he signs. Ruthainak tries another tactic and tells him that she is friends with his son Danny, the two converse for a while, but Carlos still refuses to sign, Ling Lan Sur seeing this gets up to go and negotiate himself. However when he gets to Carlos, he merely reciveves a handshake and Carlos tells him that he will sign the contract in two weeks.

Everyone including his son Danny is surprised that he accepted the deal, and it turns out that Ruthainak told Carlos that she would do one of his arms deals for him in exchange for the contract. On the night of the drop off Ruthainak is stopped by a police check, she barely makes it past the officers but the deal is made and Carlos signs the contract the day after. Ling Lan Sur then has an assassination attempt made on his life (the culprit is none other than Yong Wen, played by Tah Warit), however thanks to Ruthainak’s quick thinking he is saved, and this is where we see his feeling blossom for her, from then on while he is in the hospital he demands that she come and see him everyday.

On the day that he is to be discharged he tells Ruthainak that he expects to see her at 7pm that night, however she gets caught up doing her delivery job, when she gets back to her room she finds him waiting there for her, he leaves, but not before giving her a rubix cube as a gift, Ruthainak thinks back to Mei Jing telling her that Lin Lan Sur never gives gifts himself and if he does, he wasn’t the one who chose it, so whoever gets a gift from him that he got himself must be someone special to him. The shareholders want to find out who really saved Lin Lan Sur and meet that person, to protect Ruthainak, he tells them that the leader of Chai Hong Groups “shadow” has been reincarnated, this person is the leaders confidante and strategist, they protect the leader, this persons codename is “Cubic”.

So far thats the basic recap of the series, there are other side stories and pairings, but they have yet to capture my attention, the only side couple I would be interested in is Mei Jing and Jongsin, the two are completely loyal to Lin Lan Sur and would make a great couple. I am honestly still so confused with Noey’s character of Mei Jing because a part of me is expecting to see cracks in the wonderful companion role that she plays, and see her become a bitch to Ruthainak, but I’m glad to see that so far that hasn’t happened yet.

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