Bride of the Century: Episode 11 Preview

So the written preview for Friday’s 11th episode of Tv Chosun’s hit drama, Bride of the Century is out, and I have to say, that with the final confirmation that the drama will have 16 episodes, this means we only have 5 episodes to go and the thought makes me very sad. I mean yes, Kang Joo is finally catching on to the doppleganger act, and secrets and plots are being revealed, but this means that we only have 5 more episodes left of Kang Joo and Doo Rim sweetness.

After the seriously sweet wedding and proposal scene from last week, things start to come to a head in this weeks episodes. From the preview it seems Kang Joo’s mother has finally caught on to who Doo Rim really is, and from the written preview Roo Mi has developed a change of heart. Initially I thought that Yi Kyung would be the one to redeem herself and help Doo Rim out but it seems that she is all about putting herself first (the selfish biatch) at least Roo Mi is doing it because she can see the love Doo Rim has for Kang Joo, and giving him hints about the deception is kind of like her sticking it to Yi Kyung, by trampling all over her supposedly “perfect” life, so props to Roo Mi .


Just a random BTS of our two leads looking adorable together

There is a part of me that wonders if Kang Joo will think that the real Yi Kyung is actually the one who is impersonating the fake Yi Kyung he’s grown to love, but hopefully he’ll realise that THIS Yi Kyung is the cold woman he first met when they first got engaged. A random crack plot theory that I was talking about with Hanjae, is that Kang Joo has been in on the deception the whole time, and he’s in cahoots with the lady ghost, that way he won’t be hating on Doo Rim when the truth is finally told to him, but that’s just me NOT wanting Kang Joo and Doo Rim to go through another angst separation phase. There are still so many plot lines to be closed up and questions to be answered that I am a bit worried that in the remaining 5 episodes, we’re going to get so much crammed at us that we’ll all be dizzy .There is still the question of what was on that missing page, what really happened to Kang Joo’s fathers first bride, how much does the fortune teller know, what is Doo Rim’s grandmothers connection to all of this, the ghost lady’s full back story, Doo Rim and Yi Kyungs doppleganger connection, Yi Kyung and Yi Hyun’s family relationship, what will happen to that random Roo Mi/Kang In plot line they threw in for like 2 episodes, what about Kang In’s girlfriend? Who must play a bigger part in the plot considering she’s on that cast poster. There is also the blossoming relationship between Jin Joo and Secretary Kim. So many things left to be answered and cleared and so little time .

Written Preview for Episode 11

Roo Mi is awed by Doo Rim’s love for Kang Joo, even though it meant risking her life, and decides to help her out by subtly cluing in Kang Joo on the switch. Roo Mi points out to Kang Joo that Yi Kyung seems to be missing her wedding ring. Kang Joo brushes off Roo Mi at first but then notices that Yi Kyung doesn’t seem to wear her wedding ring anymore and she is not a fan of sweet potatoes, he starts to become suspicious of her. To confirm his suspicion he takes Yi Kyung to the park where they shared their cake kiss, and asks her what happened at this spot, Yi Kyung is unable to get the answer correct, and as Kang Joo leans in to kiss her, he asks her “who are you?”

Preview for Episode 11

Source TV Chosun Official Site. Cr to Uploader


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