Bride of the Century Episode 13 Preview

This Fridays written preview for episode 13 of TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century is out, this means that sadly we are only 3 episodes away from saying goodbye to these characters, this means no more Doo Rim and Kang Joo to look forward to on Fridays, with just 2 weeks left, I hope the writers have something awesome and swoon worthy in store for us. Last episodes reveal, was not what I anticipated, I was hoping for a way more angry and betrayed Kang Joo, but instead because he is so in love with Doo Rim, he was able to forgive her quickly, for her deception, although the scenes where he lashed out at everyone around him mad my heart ache for him. I really do hope that with only 3 episodes left, the writers don’t rush everything until all we get at the end is 5 minutes of a happy ending after 1 hour of plot and schemes and all that other stuff, I do not want to see a whole episode of Yi Kyung and her mother still scheming and being batches, and then they’ll make a 5 minute side trip to why Doo Rim’s grandmother has the other side of the bridal slipper and then we get the final 5 minutes of Kang Joo and Doo Rim just staring at each other and smiling. Also can we stop having Yi Kyung put her paws on Kang Joo???

Written Preview for Episode 13

Kang Joo visits Yi Hyun at the hospital with Yi Kyung. As the two are leaving they come across Doo Rim, Kang Joo and Doo Rim stare at one another while Yi Kyung grabs on to Kang Joo’s arms, the two walk away while Doo Rim looks sad. Doo Rim muses to herself that she wishes she could take Kang Joo to a place where he wouldn’t get hurt. At last the two cannot forget what happened between them and cannot continue acting cold towards one another.

Preview for Episode 13

cr to uploader. Source TV Chosun Official Site


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