I’m seriously hoping the this is some April Fools prank that everyone is playing on us. What am I talking about? Well EXO’s agency SM Entertainment has released a statement today stating that, “EXO will hold their ‘EXO Comeback Show’ at Jamsil Arena, Seoul on the 15th and will kick off activities for their new mini-album. The showcase will unveil EXO’s new title song for the first time. For this mini album, EXO-K and EXO-M will be promoting separately at the same time in Korea and China respectively, anticipating a hot response from the music industry yet again.” Why do I hope that this is all a joke do you ask? Read on to find out.

The reason why I’m hoping this is all a joke is because after the huge success of their last album XOXO with their hit singles “Wolf” and “Growl“,not to mention their Christmas time mini-album Miracles in December with the gorgeous title song “Miracles in December” and smooth hit “Christmas Day” as well as their reality-esque show “EXO Showtime” it seems as though SM is taking a step backwards. What all those things I listed had in common is that EXO promoted as 12, as one whole unit, not as two separate sub-units of 6 members. SM Entertainment has already tried this type of promotion for EXO way back when they first debuted, and the fact that they only achieved widespread popularity and recognition during their Growl/MiD OT12 period is a sign that splitting them up, does not work.

Besides that, EXO-M are more at a disadvantage than EXO-K, not only will the K members be making way more musical appearances, they will also have more interviews and CF’s to shoot. Korea has so many more music programs than China the ones that come to mind are the popular weekly shows such as KBS’s “Music Bank“, MBC’s “Music Core” and SBS’s “Inkigayo“, whilst China has only just started ONE weekly music show, so thats one appearance a week for the M boys, but already 3 for the K boys. Interview wise the K boys will have a variety of tv and radio show appearances, from Mnet Wide News to KBS’s “The Human Condition” to various radio shows such as Super Junior’s “Kiss the Radio“, ShimShimTaPa, Yoo In Na’s “Volume Up” radio show, SBS’s Culttwo radio show and so many more. Moving on to CF’s while EXO-M has only just signed on an endorsement deal in China , EXO-K during that time when they were promoting separately in 2012 got signed on to Ivy Club, Sunny 10, Kolon Sport, Face Shop and Calvin Klein Jeans, yes OT12 are now promoting for Ivy Club, Sunny 10 and Kolon Sport, but while EXO-K was racking up all the attention, poor EXO-M was looking a bit neglected over in China, there have been rumours around however that the fact that EXO-M hasn’t been signed on to do any Chinese endorsements is not because there is a lack of offers but because SM has not given the green flag. Not to mention the fact that there are only FOUR Chinese speaking EXO-M members, which means that we probably won’t get to hear anything from Chen or Xiumin except in performances until god knows when, if they are to be spending the next half of the year promoting in China and can I add that Chen is the LEAD vocal of EXO-M?? After all that time spent on promoting Chen, putting him in SM: The Ballad to sing, displaying his vocal talents in Miracles of December, gaining him more recognition, it’s like SM is taking 2 steps forward and 5 steps back.

There are so many other more reasons why doing this again is so bad, you have a 12 member idol group, you’ve been promoting them for a whole YEAR as a group of 12 (performances, variety shows, radio and tv interviews not to mention their own 12 episode reality show) because promoting them as sub-units bombed, yes I understand that SM is wanting to broaden their market, having dual promotions going on at the same time is much more beneficial than having your group travel around from one place to the other and racking up miles, BUT I would rather have the boys travelling together tirelessly than having them separated, and whilst EXO-K is making so many appearances in a week, EXO-M is sitting there twiddling their thumbs waiting to make another appearance on the same show they probably did 2 days ago, there are only so many times they can make the same appearance on the same show. Seriously SM get your act together! You KNOW that OT12 brings you more money than K/M sub-units so why are you doing this? Or are the music programs complaining that they don’t have enough stage room for you? The magazines don’t have enough paper to have all 12 boys on the same spread? What’s with this “promoting separately in China and Korea” business? I won’t even complain over the fact that you are giving us a MINI – ALBUM instead of a full length sophomore album, just give me my OT12.

I mean their slogan IS “We are One”, I don’t think that splitting a group into two sub-units of six counts a “one”, it’s more like “we are half” or “we are six” but most definitely not “we are one” so they aren’t really being truthful to their greeting. Seriously SM please let this just be a joke, and I’ll wake up tomorrow to a new statement saying, “hahahaha fooled you ALL!!!! We were just kidding EXO will be promoting as ONE instead of TWO, cheers”.



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