Park Shin Hye’s – “Arm Pillow”

The actress who probably saved the entire universe in her past life with all the opportunities she’s had in working with the HOTTEST guys in the Korean Entertainment industry, Park Shin Hye, has released her first digital single titled “Arm Pillow“. The single was released today by her agency SALT Entertainment, and the song is a cute and up beat sounding Spring song, that fits in with the current Korean season.

Shin Hye has sung various OST songs for the dramas which she’s performed in such as; “Without a Word” for her drama You’re Beautiful, “The Day We Fall in Love” for Heartstrings, “Pitchblack” for Flower Boy Next Door and “Story” for her most recent drama The Heirs with Lee Min Ho. With these songs under her belt, Shin Hye is not a rookie to the singing scene, and I think that her voice fits pretty well for her new single, although the title is a bit odd if I do say so myself.

Arm Pillow” is composed by Choi Yong Chan who has composed many famous songs such as JYJ’s hit “Found“, the lyrics were written by Choi Gap Won who has also written songs for Gummy and IU. Producer Hwang Sung Jin said that “Park Shin Hye’s voice is able to beautifully deliver the lines about an innocent women’s feelings of love”.

Cr to uploader. Source StyleM


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